Purple bread controls the variability of production, caused by the Coronavirus

The months that have just passed have put the production of all manufacturing companies in difficulty.

While most sectors have suffered a decline in demand, others such as food, pharmaceutical and packaging have experienced a general increase in production, as well as a change in the composition of demand and an increase in the variability of orders from customers.

Morato Pane has faced these months thanks to a mix of organisation and correct management of flows, supported by advanced tools for planning. In this way, it was able to meet the demand appropriately, despite the frequent changes taking place.

The consequences of Covid-19 on the food sector

The food sector in particular has suffered several consequences, caused by the Coronavirus outbreak.
While some companies of products typically consumed during the Easter period have suffered a significant contraction in demand, other companies in the sector have seen an increase in the demand for goods or at least a change in terms of mix of demand. “The food sector has been put under complete stress” says Daniele Ferrando, Supply Chain Manager of Morato Pane. The manager says that “some sales channels have doubled volumes while others have stopped completely. In addition, the distribution chain has experienced moments of difficulty due to full warehouses, difficulties in the supply of materials or packaging, waiting lines near the large-scale retail outlet, etc.”. The distribution chains of the sector have therefore been put to the test, highlighting the disparities between organizations.

How Morato Pane coped with the changes

“What helped us most of all was the flexible and compact internal organization, aided by up-to-date tools. The structured medium-long term S&OP process was supported by very short term S&OP, where the comparison between sales, planning and production allowed to overcome the difficulties thanks to the excellent teamwork and the continuous exchange of information between the different business areas “. Ferrando says that considerable support has come from employees, who have guaranteed the maintenance of production levels thanks to flexibility and availability. Another fundamental aspect was the use of advanced tools for production scheduling: Ferrando says that “Advanced Planning and Scheduling CyberPlan software has allowed the planning department to continue remote activities without any interruption of service”.
It should also be mentioned the respect, without any revision of costs, of the promotions granted before the epidemic between Morato Pane and customers as well as the support of suppliers that allowed the Venetian company to meet the variability of demand and ensure the proper functioning of the supply chain.

The benefits of a modern APS solution

Morato Pane has foresightedly equipped itself with a software solution for advanced production scheduling and to do this it has worked in advance on the organisation and internal flows. All this has meant that today Morato Pane plans and schedules production efficiently thanks to Cybertec’s CyberPlan solution that acts as a production planner and scheduler. This will allow the Supply Chain of Morato Pane to face new challenges such as the continuous and sudden changes in the scenarios caused by Covid-19, thanks to a reliable tool and a suitable organisation.
Morato Pane has benefited from the use of CyberPlan even in recent months: “being able to carry out simulations in a short time has made it easier for us to plan quickly and make changes” says Ferrando, who adds “CyberPlan responded very well, the planners worked in Smart Working for two months without interruptions.”


Be accompanied by a reliable and referenced partner

For companies, making decisions based on data means saving resources, gaining more revenue and visibility into the supply chain. Are you curious to see a concrete example of how APS software can help a food company? Discover the results obtained by Morato Pane, download the brochure.


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