Production sectors

Plan production according to your sector and reference production system

Different production systems, different needs

Production in the ETO sector is characterised by a high lead time and a high unit cost. 

Gain the necessary visibility and constant control of project milestones. Intervene well in advance in the event of anomalies or unforeseen events, scheduling production in line with the requests of each order.
Make To Order production systems face difficulties in optimising on a finite horizon. 

Schedule the load on each resource, minimize the costs of the production process and keep the level of service under control. Simulate alternative scenarios and identify the best production plan based on business needs.
The Assembly To Order is characterized by a high mix on the assembly line and the risk of missing parts. 

CyberPlan allows you to balance the mix on the final assembly line, having all the materials and limiting stocks (especially those with high consumption variability).
In the MTS production scenario, different types of products are made on the basis of a constant and known demand, it is therefore necessary to define the optimal “production mix”. 

CyberPlan makes it possible to obtain effective demand forecasts and align production while keeping capital immobilised at an optimal level.

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