Security Policies

Cybertec Srl Information Security Policy

Security and safeguarding of information assets

Security and the safeguarding of information assets are an essential condition for achieving the business objectives of Cybertec Srl.
In view of this, the company’s activities must always be carried out ensuring adequate levels of availability, integrity and confidentiality of information through the adoption of an “Information Security Management System” (ISMS) in line with the requirements expected by Cybertec’s stakeholders and in compliance with current regulations.

In particular, the system is applied:

  • in software development processes;
  • in the care and provision of SaaS/PaaS services and in the care of the datacenter;
  • in the customer support phase;
  • in support activities related to the solutions provided.

The general objectives of the ISMS pursued are:

  • demonstrate to the market its ability to regularly provide safe products/services, maximising business objectives;
  • minimize the risk of loss and unavailability of customer data, planning and managing activities to ensure continuity of service, and implement any action aimed at preventing corruption, inappropriate dissemination of such data;
  • carry out an appropriate risk analysis accordingly, determining the value of the information resources involved and assessing the consequent risk, through the examination of vulnerabilities and associated threats;
  • comply with applicable laws and regulations, contractual requirements, company rules and procedures;
  • promote collaboration, understanding and awareness of the ISMS by strategic suppliers;
  • comply with internationally recognised standards principles and controls (e.g. ISO 27001) and other rules/regulations governing the business activities in which the company operates;
  • pursue continuous improvement.

The whole organisation is committed to supporting the implementation, implementation and periodic review of the ISMS.

The company’s top management is committed to pursuing, with the appropriate means and resources, the objectives of this policy.


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