Young engineer of the LVMH group awarded for the project carried out with CyberPlan

The Grand Prix VIE Italia 2018 prize was awarded to the young Engineer Timothée Méjane, Production Planner of Manifattura Berluti for the innovation project of the tools used by the production planning department.

The Grand Prix prize for THE innovation project of Manifattura Berluti

On the occasion of a ceremony at the French Embassy in Rome, which was attended by over 150 people, the Gran Prix VIE Italia 2018 was presented.

The Grand Prix VIE Italia is a program, organized by the Italian section of the Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur de la France (CCEF) with the support and contribution of the Milan office of Business France, which aims to train young French citizens working in the foreign branches of companies based in France.

Christian Masset, Ambassador of France to Italy, presented the award to Mr. Timothée Méjane, Production Planner, for his work at Manifattura Berluti, a luxury leather goods company that is part of the LVMH Group. Engineer Méjane, who also won the Industry and Technology Performance Award, has in fact contributed to the implementation of a production planning software, aimed at speeding up the timing and improving the reliability of the production schedule of the Berluti Manufacturing plant in Ferrara.


I am very happy with this success, on a personal level but not only. I think it is also a great recognition for the commitment we have all put in: both we at Manifattura Berluti for planning and management, and Cybertec which has allowed us to achieve results of such magnitude.” Timothée Méjane – Production Planner – Berluti Manufacture


The project: modernising the tools available to planning

Manifattura Berluti has chosen to innovate, modernising the tools available to the Production Planning department, adopting the CyberPlan solution. The project, which lasted a total of 6 months, gave considerable benefits after just a few months. The revision of production planning processes and the adoption of the CyberPlan application have in fact allowed Manifattura Berluti to revolutionise the department, drawing benefits that cross the threshold of the office itself and also benefit colleagues and suppliers. All this just six months after the end of the project. The results were a sharp reduction in planning times and improvements in both work quality and business performance. The adoption of CyberPlan software has also brought improvements from the point of view of communications, both externally, towards suppliers, and internally within the company, towards the purchasing department.

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Cybertec is proud to contribute to the professional growth of planners

Contributing to the successes of companies is perhaps the most obvious result for external observers. Another great success, however, is the professional growth that a project such as the implementation of the APS CyberPlan software is able to give to those involved. In fact, a project of this magnitude involves a series of steps that allow the people involved to understand the Company Supply Chain in depth, with logic and techniques often unknown to most. This consultancy part, combined with the CyberPlan tool, allows them to qualify their professional skills and increase the added value of their work. This is something Cybertec is extremely proud of.


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