Triveneta Cavi optimises production planning and scheduling

APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling), Consumer Goods Sector

Remain an industry leader, investing in the company’s production capabilities with foresight and intuition. The management’s choices have brought the company to the importance it has today, providing it with the best tools, allowing it to obtain full visibility of production, to optimally manage unforeseen events and to keep the flow production from which it is characterized constant. Key features to guarantee your customer reliable delivery dates and maximum quality.

This is the story of the growth and optimization of the production of the company La Triveneta Cavi. The story is told with enthusiasm by those who have really experienced it: Nicola Strapazzon, head of production planning and Alessio Faccin, head of information systems. Strapazzon proudly recalled how his company had the intuition to equip itself already at the end of the 1990s with tools that were little known at the time, and to maintain them over time, achieving high business performance.

Strong innovation with attention to the level of service

The LTC group (La Triveneta Cavi) has innovated and invested in its production capabilities, remaining an industry leader. The company is, in fact, one of the most important companies in the European market for the production of low and medium voltage cables for the industrial, domestic, energy distribution and renewable technologies sectors.

Towards the end of the 1980s, orders were manually loaded and unloaded in the order load, similar to what happens with the warehouse cards for each cable. The tools used were mostly Microsoft Project, and then we moved on to a planning, always manual, which used magnetic whiteboards.

In times of economic contraction, where investing meant taking risks, management had the courage to make the best decisions that allowed the company to grow and become the leader it is today.

Determined to embark on a path of growth and improvement, keeping the focus on the level of service, the company’s ownership and management invested in some projects to improve the production department. The main of these concerned the inclusion of an advanced system for the planning and scheduling of production, which would allow full visibility and control to be acquired and increase reactivity to factory unforeseen events.

In a flow production such as that of LTC, in fact, the occurrence of a delay cascades back to the last available date, that of shipment. This derives from the fact that flow production has phases that do not move in parallel, but consequentially to each other and the delay of a single phase is cascaded. Equipping yourself with an appropriate MRP becomes a fundamental choice to maintain high performance.

Accurate software selection for production planning and scheduling

As Strapazzon recalls, in 1999 LTC therefore undertook an in-depth software selection with the best players of the time. The main objectives were to equip itself with an advanced system for the planning and scheduling of production that would allow it to acquire full visibility and control of production and to react quickly to unforeseen events to ensure a high level of service to the customer, maintaining the high quality of the products.

After months of software selection, they chose CyberPlan as the APS for the completeness of the processes covered, the speed of calculation and the graphic capacity that allowed them to achieve the desired level of visibility and to react quickly to unforeseen events. Some features of CyberPlan were considered fundamental in particular: the DB running in RAM, the powerful graphics capacity and the finite capacity calculation. Thanks to these aspects, CyberPlan is able to produce a plan much less laboriously and extremely faster than competitors. All this without having to spin the entire MRP every time an item or order line is moved.

Full production control and high level of service

Thanks to the best management choices, the skills of its team and the support of CyberPlan, La Triveneta Cavi has obtained full control of production progress, avoiding delays in shipments and maximising the use of resources and machinery. CyberPlan also supports the company in the management of important situations such as non-compliant material or failures on production lines, allowing it to deal with them and react in an extremely short time. All this has led to an increase in the service level of shipments of about 40%, reaching very high levels of reliability.


The company – Production of low and medium voltage cables

The constant growth of turnover and a policy of investment in research and production processes ensure the customer a continuous improvement in the quality standards of services and a range of electrical cables that is increasingly complete. With a solid presence in more than 35 countries around the world, the LTC group has over 600 employees working in the five offices for a total area of about 160 thousand m². Every year Triveneta Cavi develops more than 100 thousand tons of product.  

Strapazzon and Faccin, together with the management and their team are an integral part of a success called La Triveneta Cavi.

Triveneta Cavi has achieved success today thanks to the support of advanced systems such as CyberPlan, but the key to success has been people: an innovative and forward-looking direction together with area managers such as Nicola Strapazzon and Alessio Faccin.

Nicola Strapazzon joined LTC in 1989, when planning was carried out manually, partly following the management of purchases. Since 2000 he has been scheduling production with CyberPlan, formulating work plans with sequence/tooling optimisation, dialoguing with department/shift managers and acting as a contact person for the plant management and production manager. Since April 2005 he has been in charge of planning and MRP of plant 1, which he ensures vision and dating of sales orders, issuance of purchase orders and production through the formulation of production plans and weekly S&OP operational meetings with management, for the control of budgets and loads. Since 2011, in addition to dealing with the complete MRP management of plant 1 in Brendola, he also deals with the vision and dating of the sales orders of plant 3 in Tolentino and the machine loading control of this production unit with the preparation of production orders (a partial MRP); procurement orders and the actual issuance of processing orders is made in the production unit.

Alessio Faccin joined LTC in January 2007 assuming the role of Group contact for the management and development of MES, with the capacity of SAP programmer analyst and Project Manager to subsequently become head of information systems.

CyberPlan: Cybertec’s Advanced Planning System

The software used by La Triveneta Cavi for the planning and scheduling of cable production is CyberPlan: powerful and innovative APS that since 1991 has supported the planning and scheduling of the production of thousands of companies around the world. Companies ranging from small-medium-sized companies typical of the Italian territory to large multinationals over the ocean.

The processes that manufacturing companies optimize thanks to CyberPlan are:

  • Sales & Operation Planning: aligns sales activities and production capacity, favouring strategic collaboration. Maximizes the level of service thanks to the optimization of the production plan;
  • Production planning: anticipate factory problems through advanced simulations that take into account factory, supplier and customer constraints. Increases responsiveness to production contingencies by maximising the goodness of the production plan;
  • Detailed Scheduling: Create optimized factory sequences taking into account production constraints. It simultaneously takes into account plant, equipment and materials. Increase production efficiency by reducing setup and lead times.

In this way, companies can stay competitive by improving some important performance indicators (KPIs):

  • Service level up to 99%: provide safe and reliable delivery dates;
  • Reduction of warehouses by 53%: level the warehouse, eliminate the missing ones and reduce production lead times;
  • Increase productivity by 10%: reduce set-up times and machine downtime due to missing parts.

The companies that obtain the greatest benefits from the use of CyberPlan are all production companies from “make to order/engineering to order” to “make to stock/ assembly to order” in different sectors: Electronics, mechanics, machines, plants, food, pharmaceutical, plant engineering, CpG. These companies have as a common characteristic the desire to grow and become competitive by reducing costs, eliminating waste and maximizing the level of service and productivity.

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