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The reasons that drive a company to choose software are mainly the features and processes covered. The reasons for choosing a partner are  mainly his experience and reliability. 

How many consulting companies can you establish a relationship with for more than 20 years?

Establishing a lasting and trusting relationship is the desire of most companies, especially on critical business departments such as planning and scheduling production in a manufacturing company. But how many companies have you been able to establish such a long-lasting relationship with?

Cybertec, a leading company in the production and supply of APS CyberPlan software, has a large number of customers with whom it has established a relationship of this duration. CyberPlan was introduced to the market in 1991, and has since entered the daily lives of hundreds of Italian and international companies. 

Let’s see some of the companies that have established a trusting and lasting relationship with Cybertec, and their opinions.


ANSALDO ENERGIA has been planning production with CyberPlan since 1991

Ansaldo Energia is the largest Italian manufacturer, installer and supplier of services for electrical systems, and is among the world’s leading operators in the sector. Always innovative, Ansaldo Energia was Cybertec’s first customer, thanks to the installation of CyberPlan in 1991. 

What are your thoughts on Cybertec after almost 30 years of relationships?

Eng. Nicola Masala, head of alternator and turbine planning, responds by giving us his opinion:

The relationships established with the Cybertec company are excellent, its team is made up of competent, helpful and very professional people. Using CyberPlan software has allowed us to streamline and optimize factory scheduling and medium/long-term planning.”


ILCAM has been planning production with CyberPlan since 1999

Founded in 1959 with an artisanal production of curved backrests and other accessories, ILCAM is today the European leader in the production of fronts for the furniture industry. The company has always pursued technological innovation, continuous improvement, design research and a deep focus on environmental, economic and social sustainability. Already at the end of the 1990s, the management of ILCAM had the foresight to entrust production planning to advanced supports, which is why in 1999 it chose CyberPlan as an APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling software) tool.

What does Ilcam think of Cybertec, after 20 years of collaboration?

The planner responds, saying:

“I have always found great availability and expertise in the Cybertec Team, the assistance is also competent and together with them we can always find the most appropriate solution to the new needs. I have excellent memories of both the assistance and the support that were valid precisely in terms of methodology. “


PIETRO FIORENTINI has been planning production with CyberPlan since 1995

Pietro Fiorentini operates internationally designing, manufacturing and marketing components, systems and services for the measurement and regulation of natural gas.

Always characterized by a spirit of innovation and continuous improvement, it has been considered for years the Toyota of Italy, for having been among the first companies to have successfully imported Lean practices. Methods that CyberPlan software has supported since 1995 for production planning and scheduling.

What are Pietro Fiorentini’s views on Cybertec and CyberPlan?

Romeo Menti, Group Supply Chain and Logistics Manager at Pietro Fiorentini since 1985, replies:

“Cybertec and Fiorentini can be said to have grown together; the project was in fact started in 1995. At the time, Fiorentini was already a great industrial reality and as such a precursor compared to other companies in the field of innovation not only of products but also of processes. CyberPlan entered after a software selection lasting a few months that put the three best known players on the table at the time. The reasons that led to the choice of CyberPlan were multiple: from the unique characteristics of the product to the strong capacity of the Cybertec team. The consultants are all very prepared both on the functionalities and on the logic typical of the contract sector. At CyberPlan we appreciate its configurability around our needs and the fast processing speed (What-if analysis that allow simulations of different scenarios) of just a few minutes. We also positively evaluated the high simplicity and intuitiveness of the functions in facilitating expediting processes and re-scheduling capabilities, two things that allow us to keep the plan up to date. We then appreciated the simple, intuitive and immediate visibility of the plan through full-pegging in order to evaluate the impacts of requests and/or changes to the sales, production or purchase plan. All this both in terms of detailed impacts on the individual sales order and on a set of the latter and/or on all the objects of the production and supply plan.”



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