Palazzetti plans in an advanced way the production of fireplaces and stoves with CyberPlan

APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling), Furniture Sector

Palazzetti, active in the design and construction of stoves, hearths and barbecues with high yield and low consumption, had set out to reorganize and integrate the entire Supply Chain, from demand management to short-term programming.

Reduce inventory levels by increasing on-time delivery

In recent years we have been forced to review and contain warehouse levels, but without affecting service levels, due to the general economic situation,” says engineer Marco Palazzetti, CEO of the Pordenone company. The challenge that Palazzetti had set itself was therefore to reorganize and integrate the entire Supply Chain, from demand management to short-term programming, to increase the punctuality of deliveries to customers, reducing the quantities in stock.

The CEO says that “To support the change we needed application support superior to that of the classic ERP and so we started a software selection in the field of programming and scheduling systems. It was a decision that took time and thought, because it was a fundamental choice.”

APS and consultancy, to strengthen ERP

Following the software selection, Palazzetti chose the CyberPlan Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) solution: “We decided to rely on Cybertec, in addition to the characteristics of the software, also for the professionalism and preparation of the consultants perceived from the first meetings.”

Teamwork and collaboration made it possible to achieve tangible results in a short time: ” An excellent work team was immediately created that allowed us to overcome the difficulties encountered. Already a few months after the “go live” of the Manufacturing Forecasting and CyberPlan, the results were appreciated.

The adoption of the APS solution has allowed us to put aside the spreadsheets, now outdated, and obtain full control of our production. Engineer Palazzetti says that “the countless Excel files were abandoned, consequently obtaining complete factory governance, which made it possible to realise the annual budget and to check its deviations daily.”

The results: with APS you work better and easier

Palazzetti was able to improve the integration between departments, obtaining several benefits: “The planners create and monitor the main plan in a short time and, thanks to the better integration with the sales forces, they are able to react better to the peaks in demand. The purchasing department is pulled from the floor and orders only what is actually needed, guaranteeing the entry of materials at the time dictated by the production process “.

The beneficial effects have also been seen on the organization of work: “A better distribution of work phases on an optimal combination of human and line resources has led to greater productivity and yield. The ability to act in advance on critical issues and to simulate alternative production choices in a short time has helped to lower production costs .”

The CEO then says that the adoption of the APS has simplified the work of the planner and has led to an increase in the knowledge of operators in the supply chain: ” Both Manufacturing Forecasting and CyberPlan have “simplified our working life“; what contributes to increasing the added value of the IT solution is all the training work done together with Cybertec engineers to the less experienced personnel regarding the management of materials and information flows and the entire Supply Chain.”

Ing. Marco Palazzetti - Gruppo Palazzetti

The ability to act in advance on critical issues and to make alternative production choices in a short time has helped to lower production costs.

Now a single management language is spoken in the company.”

Eng. M. Palazzetti
CEO, Palazzetti Group

Buildings: production of stoves, hearths, barbecues and more

Palazzetti Lelio S.p.A. is today one of the world’s leading companies in the wood and pellet domestic heating sector. The company was founded in 1954 in Porcia (PN) with the production of concrete products for interior decoration, which is joined a few years after the industrial processing of marble for floors and coatings. At the beginning of the 1970s, the first Italian production of complete prefabricated fireplaces and barbecues began, made with industrial processing systems, compliant with aesthetic and functional requirements, simple to install. In the following years, the production of wood and pellet stoves and hearths was started. Innovative products, developed in accordance with the highest technological standards and with absolute respect for the environment, tested and certified by the most prestigious European Institutes, as well as by consumer and environmental protection associations.

Since 2016, the company has integrated into its business model the offer of innovative digital services based on the experience acquired in its core business, in particular in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Customer Care services connected to it. Palazzetti strongly believes in technological research as a strategic lever for achieving company objectives. For this reason, each year it invests 5% of its total turnover in research and technological development.

The mission is to commit energy and resources to obtain products with the highest performance and minimum consumption, in the name of total comfort.

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