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The Marche Region is at the forefront of industrial production. In fact, the Marche economy is characterised by a small-medium-sized, flourishing and highly specialised industry, which is homogeneously distributed throughout the territory, but concentrated above all on the coast and in the valleys, in specialised industrial districts. It is worth noting that the Marche region boasts twenty-eight industrial districts, equal in value to that of Lombardy.

These industries represent the evolution of activities previously carried out in an artisanal way, and in particular it was defined with the term of “Marche model” by Giorgio Fuà, founder of ISTAO in Ancona, a training centre for Marche entrepreneurs such as the Merloni brothers, or the Guzzini or even the Della Valle.

Among the production sectors, the main ones are (from the north to the south of the Region): the furniture industry in Macerata, the motorcycle industry in Pesaro, the textile industry specialized in jeans, the mechanical industry of Jesi, the pharmaceutical industry of Ancona, the shipyards of Ancona and the minor shipyards of Fano, Ancona, San Benedetto del Tronto and Civitanova Marche. Then there are the paper and household appliance industries in the Fabriano area, the musical instrument industry in the Castelfidardo district, the lighting industry in Recanati, the leather goods and armchair industry in Tolentino, and the footwear industry in the provinces of Macerata and Fermo. Finally, we must remember the industries spread throughout the region and not properly included in the Marche model: the wine industry of Matelica and the Castles of Jesi, Serrapetrona, the area of Ancona and Conero, Morro d ‘Alba, the tourism industry and finally the industries related to fishing, in the ports of Fano, Ancona, Porto Civitanova, San Benedetto del Tronto.


Leading Marche companies plan production with cutting-edge software

Numerous Marche companies, leaders in their respective sectors, use modern and advanced software for the planning and scheduling of the production department. Among these, we selected six primary companies, known to the general public for the quality of their products and for the high level of customer service. The selected companies are based in the provinces of Ancona, Ascoli Piceno, Jesi, Pesaro and Urbino and Recanati, cities in the Marche region of great importance. Let’s briefly discover the paths of innovation and improvement carried out by these three important companies:


HP Composites planning and scheduling of carbon fiber components

HP Composites is a European leader in the design and manufacture of advanced carbon fibre composite components for the Automotive, Motorsport, Naval, Aeronautical, Industrial and Design sectors. The company, which is based in Ascoli Piceno and is part of the Everspeed group, wanted to further improve performance and customer service by equipping itself with software for advanced production planning and scheduling. The main benefits of this innovation and improvement path of HP Composites were:

  • Reduction of the margin of error between requested and actual payment dates by 80%,
  • Simulation of finished capacity factory workloads,
  • High quality of finite capacity scheduling output,
  • Better management of staff needs,
  • High production flexibility,
  • Reliable production plans.


Trevalli Cooperlat and food production planning

The well-known dairy company based in Jesi, Trevalli Cooperlat, has carried out a process of improvement and innovation of planning processes that has supported the company in the growth and management of campaigns and promotions. Thanks to this project of fundamental importance, Trevalli Cooperlat was able to obtain:

  • Accurate production plans that can be obtained extremely quickly,
  • Attractive and pleasant visibility throughout the production process,
  • Quick understanding of production planning,
  • Effective management of campaigns and promotions,
  • Strong communication and collaboration between the various departments,
  • Innovated, optimised and accelerated planning process,
  • Better competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets.


Clementoni, planning and scheduling a fast-growing production

Clementoni, a company based in Recanati, known for its educational games under the motto “growing is a beautiful game”, has invested in specific software solutions for planning in order to obtain greater control of the fast-growing production. The innovation path of the Marche company has brought several benefits, such as:

  • Great calculation speed,
  • Increased number of managed codes,
  • Saturation of work centres,
  • Visibility on future load,
  • Immediate and concrete visual impact, useful for analysing the capabilities of the production process,
  • Improvement of the relationship with suppliers,
  • Management support in the management of the company structure,
  • Vision of future production and requirements in terms of hours and equipment.


Faber, kitchen hoods planned and scheduled with the APS

Faber, a company active in the production of kitchen hoods, has always invested in continuous improvement aimed at achieving maximum customer satisfaction and the best levels of performance. With great foresight Faber has thus decided to invest in modern systems for the management of the production department, thus obtaining:

  • Speed of calculation of production plans,
  • Evolved graphics,
  • Planning and scheduling in a single solution,
  • Adaptability and configurability,
  • Reliability of the planning system.


IFI, food & beverage furnishings and maximum attention to the customer with the APS

The IFI Spa company manages its production and expected delivery dates with advanced software for production planning and scheduling. The impetus came from IFI’s desire for continuous improvement and progress, combined with the desire to give increasingly precise and punctual answers to its customers, to improve the quality of planning, reduce the time needed to draw up a production plan as well as to allow the updating of the plan itself during the work. Numerous and important results:

  • Ability to update the production plan during construction,
  • Saturation of production lines,
  • Finished capacity production management,
  • Improving the punctuality of deliveries,
  • Multi-department utilities: planning, customer service and purchasing,
  • Better quality of planners’ work.


AP Automotive Products plans clutch production in a modern way

AP Automotive Products also wanted to increase control over its production department and at the same time increase its performance. The CyberPlan implementation project has brought considerable benefits to both planning and detailed scheduling operations. Thanks to the APS tool, AP Automotive Products has achieved:

  • Better communication between management and planning and between purchases and sales,
  • Customer service support,
  • Simulation skills with fast calculation and processing times,
  • In-depth analysis from production to logistics,
  • Control of inventory levels.


Are you in the Marche region? How to plan and schedule your production in an advanced way

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