5 difficulties in managing the Supply Chain in the food sector

The possibilities to access and buy food from all over the world, including online, has meant that the food supply chain has grown rapidly and that consumers today expect increasingly particular foods, exotic but at the same time fresh, throughout the year.

Today’s challenge for manufacturers, distributors and other stakeholders is to place their products on the market quickly, safely and in the best possible conditions. In this article, we present 5 of the top issues facing food supply chain managers and how to solve them.


1 – Lack of traceability

Food traceability is a critical aspect of a food supply chain for food safety issues. The ability to trace raw materials and food products through all stages of the chain is a legal obligation as well as a market demand, which is now increasingly aware. This makes it increasingly important to have correct and up-to-date data available. Missing or incorrect traceability is generally a symptom of outdated software systems or the use of paper methods that require manual inspections causing errors and delays in sharing information. This problem could find a future solution thanks to Blockchain, a promising technology that could allow complete traceability to be achieved.


2 – Difficulty in maintaining high quality and safety levels

Today, on the one hand, it is increasingly important to have safe and high quality products, on the other hand, it is increasingly difficult to achieve these objectives due to ever new and different obstacles. High-quality products are obtained from high-quality raw materials and thanks to first-rate production methods, which comply with international standards. Packaging and logistics solutions are also important parts of achieving these objectives.


3 – Communication problems

Poor communication causes inefficiencies and waste, which increase in severity if you operate globally. This should no longer be a problem, since technology has facilitated communications, however, many companies still face difficulties in this regard. Technologically advanced software solutions such as CyberPlan offer a global view of the supply chain and the possibility of communicating between departments by sharing scenarios and future production plans, making it extremely easier and faster to find the best production plan by carrying out simulations autonomously but sharing the results. In an industry where quality is paramount, having information sharing and alignment ensures that the availability of fresh ingredients and products that are processed in a short time is minimized.


4 – Increased supply chain costs

The management of a food supply chain involves many costs, including those related to: energy, goods, personnel, machinery and logistics For this reason it is important to have full control of operating costs and the first step to controlling costs is to know them, moreover “What can be measured can be managed”. In very simple supply chains this can be done with spreadsheets (Excel) but the more complex the supply chain, the more you will need a software solution. Technologically advanced software can save a lot in the long run, making the company more efficient and less vulnerable than the competition.


5 – Failure to detect and control inventory in warehouses and stores 

Warehouse and inventory are two areas that deserve special attention. Inventory must be managed with great care if costs are to be contained while maintaining high quality products and customer service. Having too much merchandise leads to waste, but having too little, on the contrary, disappoints consumer expectations. There is a trade-off between customer satisfaction and waste reduction, and modern software solutions provide valuable support to better manage inventory. Ideally, a suitable software allows you to have visibility of inventory levels in real time, offering accurate and up-to-date data. In this way, the company can always guarantee a high level of quality and customer service.


Increase the performance of your supply chain

The greater the attention to the Supply Chain, therefore, the more effective its management will be. Focusing on some key areas in particular leads to great results: investing in software solutions such as CyberPlan that allow you to have visibility into inventories, bottlenecks, lead times and forecast scenarios allows you to achieve the best production plan. The result will be a more efficient supply chain, with high-quality products and loyal customers. Discover the case of Morato Pane, a company active in the food sector that has reduced the time needed for planning and improved visibility on production processes.


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