Vittorio Veneto plans production with CyberPlan

The so-called Inox Valley is a district of excellence, located between the Piave and Livenza rivers, home to some of the most important Italian metalworking companies. 

The companies of the district are characterized by their variety in terms of production activities. In fact, these range from those with a high technological content and with strong product customization needs (as happens in the production of professional systems for food service equipment or in the segment of machinery for oenology and in general for bottling), to the more traditional ones (such as carpentry and hot processing), to those characterized by “mass” production models (such as the thermomechanical sector, the white appliance and the electromechanical).

Vittorio Veneto Pianifica con CyberPlan

Many companies within this important district plan and schedule their production daily with CyberPlan, some of these excellences are:

  • Falmec – international leader in the design and production of suction hoods;
  • Rica (Zoppas Industries) – worldwide manufacturer of electrical resistors and heating systems complete with electronic controls for domestic and industrial applications;
  • TMCI Padovan  a company that has made the history of the food and beverage technologies sector;
  • Silca – leading company in the production of keys, key duplicating machines and semi-industrial and industrial machinery dedicated to the production of keys;
  • SIPA (Zoppas Industries) – progetta, produces and sells on the world market all the technologies for the production, filling and secondary packaging of pet containers (from preform to final product) for beverages, foods, detergents, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.


The benefits obtained by Silca

The implementation of CyberPlan lasted 6 months and led to considerable results in the key department, such as:

  • Reduction of setup times;
  • Lead time and Work In Progress reduction;
  • Customer’s Service Level at a level of excellence;
  • Increased productivity.


The results achieved by Sipa

SIPA achieved remarkable results in a short time:

  • Total control of the production and purchase plan issued (with an average of 2,500-3,000 production orders rescheduled weekly);
  • 30% increase  in programming and warehouse efficiency ;
  • Reduction of the average warehouse coverage by 10%;
  • Total visibility provided at the detail level (single order) and at the aggregate level;
  • Ability to perform off-line simulations very quickly.


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