Reliable and feasible forecasts for production companies

Cybertec’s “Manufacturing Forecasting” is the only tool for generating and managing demand forecasts tailored to the manufacturing world, targeting all manufacturing companies where delivery times are reduced compared to purchase and production lead


Companies that use Cybertec’s “MF” solution are able to increase competitiveness through the generation and management of quality forecasts shared between the different company functions. The demand planner, in rapid interactive cycles, can easily:

  • increase the reliability of forecasts and reduce the time needed to manage them;
  • integrate the consumption forecasts of raw and semi-finished materials with the sales forecasts of finished products;
  • verify the feasibility of a forecast plan based on the resources available in the company;
  • improve the ability to plan promotional campaigns in a targeted manner.

These new capabilities allow the company to be highly flexible and responsive to the reference market, verifying the feasibility of the demand in advance and making the appropriate decisions in time. In this way, demand planning manages to guide production while maintaining the focus on business objectives, achieving in a short time:

  • Reduction of costs and time invested in the forecasting process;
  • Increase service level by eliminating stock outs
  • Reduction in the level of WIP and raw materials combined with an increase in productivity.

Why do manufacturing companies choose Cybertec’s MF?

  • It is possible to carry out the forecast feasibility check using the calculation engines of the CyberPlan advanced production planning system, the Cybertec APS. The close integration between the two systems avoids the dispersion of data on different and complex integration tools, ensuring  high consistency and compatibility of information. In the event that the forecast plan is not feasible, Sales, Production and Purchasing can take advantage of the simulation capabilities of the tool and proceed collaboratively to define a shared solution. Conversely, the early identification of periods of low load, perhaps relating to a limited number of production centres, can become essential information to correctly manage sales efforts and to plan targeted promotional campaigns;
  • Cybertec’s “Manufacturing Forecasting” solution allows the generation of forecasts not only at the finished product level but also at the level of product families that vary along the forecast horizon. It also supports companies in identifying optimal aggregation levels through the analysis of the commonalities of critical components and resources;
  • Through the calculation of the punctual forecast error and the cumulative one, it allows an optimal estimate of the error that accompanies the forecast along the entire horizon.  In  this  way  it is  possible to feed   the production plan correctly,  avoiding an excess of prudence that has the sole effect of introducing waste, inefficiencies and feasibility problems;
  • the management of historical data is integrated with the management of the acquired portfolio and with the management of the trading portfolio. The “Manufacturing Forecasting” solution is able to analyse the negotiation portfolio by statistically evaluating the percentages of transformation of negotiations into orders and highlighting any excess or defective systematic errors. On the basis of this analysis, an acquisition forecast characterized by a high degree of reliability is generated.

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