Morato Pane, a leader in the food sector, organises production planning with CyberPlan

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS), Sector: Food

Morato Pane, one of the world’s leading players in the baking market, wanted to improve tools and methodologies used for forecasting and demand planning. This ambition and desire for improvement has led them to be one of the most innovative companies in the food sector thanks to the implementation of advanced solutions for production planning and scheduling.


Improve forecasting and planning to increase service quality

Morato pane has grown a lot in recent years, also thanks to the acquisition of some companies with their production plants. This growth combined with the ever-increasing offer in terms of product, has led to a logical increase in the complexity of planning.

This increase in complexity has been coupled with the need to improve the tools used to plan demand, evolving the methods used up to that point. In fact, the bread sector is strongly characterised by promotional peaks, which must be correctly planned in order to organise production in an adequate and preventive manner.

It was therefore necessary to improve the forecasting aspect relating to the items to be produced and consequently the materials necessary to cover the related needs; this activity was managed based on historical data and current trends, all managed on individual Excel sheets.

Before, looking at the history, we knew that in a given month we would have to make some extra tons but we could not understand well in which week we had to make them available to the market and therefore when to produce them.” Daniele Ferrando – Supply Chain Manager – Morato Pane.

Morato Pane has thus decided to equip the planning department with advanced and modern tools, which would allow it to manage the new production horizons in an adequate and performance-oriented manner.


The peculiarities of the food sector managed thanks to APS

Morato Pane is among the top companies in the bakery sector and therefore has to manage characteristic and peculiar aspects of this sector.

First of all, promotional peaks and seasonality, to which is added the need to dialogue with customers in a precise and up-to-date way to manage private label productions.

Another characteristic aspect of the sector is the management of raw materials that have short-term perishability (in particular milk and eggs) and must therefore be supplied daily.

Morato Pane CyberPlan Cybertec

The introduction of the CyberPlan APS

Morato Pane thus introduced Cybertec’s APS, after selecting it from among the various software on the market, thanks to its distinctive qualities and superior performance. The CyberPlan solution was thus implemented and integrated into the SAP management system, enhancing its functions and replacing Excel.

Today Morato Pan carries out medium-term CRP (Capacity Requirements Planning) calculations to have visibility of the line loads and establish production shifts over the following months.

In this way, Sales and Operations Planning is carried out, followed by the sharing with all company departments of a document that sees and projects the loads of the production lines for the months to come. Scheduling is carried out at one week and both the MTS and MTO divisions are managed.


Gain full visibility and control of the supply chain

Today Morato is widely satisfied with the results obtained from the implementation of an Advanced Planning and Scheduling software and this for several reasons.

First of all, it is appreciated that CyberPlan collects all the data in a single system. One of the reasons that led to its choice in the software selection phase.
Another thing is the immediate vision that it gives to the planning department, allowing thanks to the opening of a capacity planning to immediately see if and where there are difficulties.
Morato Pane then found a shortening of MRP data processing times and a consequent reduction in planning times.

Before we did not have full visibility of the data, today we have them all available and at a glance.” Daniele Ferrando – Supply Chain Manager – Morato Pane.

Another positive aspect obtained by Morato Pane is the possibility of launching the MRP many times during the day. Before launching the MRP in SAP it meant stopping the procedures and consequently also the people, for about half an hour today Morato Pane manages to run a simple MRP in 20″ and an MRP + scheduler in less than 60″.
Thanks to CyberPlan, Morato Pane has also acquired the possibility of carrying out the simulations, an aspect that was not possible to manage with the tools in use previously and that today allows you to understand in advance the things that may happen at the level of filling and saturation of the lines.

“Cybertec understood our needs down to the nuances, interpreted them and provided us with the solution to our problems” Daniele Ferrando – Supply Chain Manager – Morato Pane.

Daniele Ferrando Morato Pane - CYBERTEC (3)

Morato Pane

Morato Pane S.p.A., born as an artisan company in the heart of Vicenza from an idea by Luigi Morato, has grown rapidly in recent years to become the second Italian group in the market for soft industrial bread substitutes. In 2009 Morato acquired “Pan d ‘Este” and expanded its rich offer, also extending it to dry products replacing bread at the table. In recent years, it has also increased the number of families treated by more than 1 million, reaching more than 6 million (in one year).


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