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The challenge that every Project Manager must face is to achieve the objectives using the resources available and respecting the constraints that the environment places. It follows that resource planning, scarce by definition, is a crucial aspect of project management, especially when it comes to human resources given the complexity and number of variables at stake.

To keep all these variables under control, there are tools to track team activities, timesheets, and by combining their functionality with project management solutions, they allow you to respond to the need to plan resources.


Whatis Project Management

Managing a project means coordinating the analysis, design, planning and implementation of the project’s objectives, overseeing all its evolutionary phases, in compliance with precise project constraints.

A non-trivial task because it requires transversal skills and strict discipline in respecting the constraints imposed by the timing, budget and resources available. For this reason, it is necessary to equip oneself with governance tools and therefore to complement traditional project management software with personnel management systems.


The importance of personnel management systems

In order to respect the constraints placed by resources, it is essential to proceed with their careful planning and it is therefore necessary to have all the information that is typically present on management systems.

When resources are collaborators, the relevant information is typically processed by personnel management systems, applications that govern the availability or unavailability of resources in time and space, the compliance of resources and, consequently, their aptitude to carry out the task to which they must be assigned.

But to plan correctly, it is also necessary to draw up a precise balance sheet, that is, to trace the activities that have been carried out on the project and on the activities that compose it in order to capture the progress of the activities and any delays on the expected times.

Normally, the tools that allow the finalisation of activities are called “timesheets“. Being able to have the timesheets of your collaborators brings obvious advantages in terms of:

  • Productivity analysis;
  • Cost analysis;
  • Activity tracking.


The advantages of ZTimesheet and the Zucchetti HR suite

There are various types of timesheets, from the most primitive paper systems in the form of cards and records compiled by hand to special software that offer a wide variety of functions and that allow you to automate many of the activities carried out in general by the human resources department.

Between these two extremes there is also software with spreadsheets, such as Excel, which are very popular thanks to their ease of use and low implementation costs. In addition, they are appreciated because they also provide a minimum of data analysis and automation functions.

Among the ad hoc solutions, we find ZTimesheet, Zucchetti’s timesheet management software. ZTimesheet Zucchetti aims to govern the entire process of accounting for work activities, providing:

  • Collection functions specific to the context of use, represented by the population cluster and the reference business of its users;
  • Processes (workflows) for authorising or managing data by the relevant figures defined by the company’s organisational model;
  • Different methodologies for enhancing activities, punctual deriving from payroll or standards by job, seniority and so on.

The maximum efficiency of ZTimesheet is achieved thanks to the native synergy with the other personnel management systems present on the Zucchetti HR suite. In fact, it operates on a single database with applications for attendance/absence management, human capital management, travel management and payroll processing.


How to upgrade ZTimesheet with CyberPlan RSP

The already extensive portfolio of features offered by ZTimesheet can be further enhanced if integrated with CyberPlan RSP, Cybertec’s project management software, which is particularly useful for planning and monitoring resources.

CyberPlan RSP is the ideal solution for Master Planners who need to know at any time on which tasks and on which projects their team is allocated. In fact, it allows you to manage resources through useful tools, such as work calendars, teams based on specific skills and visual indicators that highlight already scheduled activities, meetings or holidays. All by integrating the data into a single solution, amplifying control over them.

Find out how CyberPlan RSP can help you manage projects, see the brochure.



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