Modulblok manages scenario variability by planning remotely

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS), Sector: Plant and Machinery

Modulblok’s Production Planning Manager, Andrea Peressi, tells us how the company, which specialises in warehouse storage and logistics systems, has dealt with the recent period.

Continue to operate, thanks to the tools to be able to do so

The SARS-CoV-2 epidemic has had different effects on different sectors, but all companies have undergone changes. The Modulblok company in Udine had to stop production in March, in compliance with the decisions taken by the Government. “Despite working with companies in the food sector, we had to stop production, and then resume it as soon as this was possible,” says Peressi, who adds “even during the production stop, Modulblok continued the administrative and commercial operations, and this was possible thanks to the digitization of the tools, which the company has been carrying out for many years.”

Modulblok - CyberPlan CYBERTEC Zucchetti

Remote restarting and changes in production plans

The importance of the choices made in the past, thanks to a spirit of innovation and improvement, has also borne fruit in the recent past: “Tools such as CyberPlan have allowed us to continue working from home, remotely”, says the Production Planning Manager. Modulblok has in fact prepared the restart thanks to its collaborators, who have modified and updated the production plans remotely thanks to the Advanced Planning and Scheduling software CyberPlan, waiting for the resumption of production. Peressi adds: “we are managing everything in a simulated way, which allowed us to carefully evaluate future scenarios and decide what was the best plan for the restart“. The use of CyberPlan allowed Modulblok planners and production to prioritize orders and redo the production plan on a daily or even more frequent basis. The flexibility of the software, combined with those of operators and suppliers, has allowed Modulblok to minimize the consequences of Covid-19 and to once again demonstrate the importance of the tools adopted over the years.

Modulblok - CyberPlan CYBERTEC Zucchetti (2)

Modulblok, performance and innovation

Modulblok is the reference for the production of warehouse storage and logistics systems. In fact, the company’s mission is to obtain organized, high-performance and safe warehouses. To do this, the company respects virtuous principles such as continuous improvement and the search for customised, original and innovative solutions. The company’s priority is to create a new culture, aimed at avoiding waste, pollution and low-value activities, based on the optimization of space, time and costs. Modulblok also operates according to the principles of Lean Thinking to reduce waste to a minimum and improve safety in the workplace, engaging in a virtuous circle of increasing competitiveness. Read the Modulblok Success Story


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