How to simplify procurement and production decisions

In manufacturing, making the right decisions in a short time becomes increasingly important. This is because competition between companies is becoming increasingly tight, production rates are getting faster and the time expected by the customer is getting shorter. It is therefore necessary to simplify and speed up the decision-making process regarding the procurement of materials.

How do you simplify procurement and production?

Several aspects must be borne in mind if the decision-making process in question is to be simplified and therefore made more streamlined. Decision making, as such, analyzes data to arrive at conclusions, so the data on which it is based must be reliable. Secondly, the processes used during the analysis must be effective, while at the same time the processing must be rapid. Finally, it is important that the decision maker has visibility into the impacts of his choices, so as to choose the best path for his company and put in place the procedures for the best implementation of the decided plan. In summary, the fundamental aspects that must be guaranteed are:

  1. Reliable data;
  2. Effective processes;
  3. Quick processing;
  4. Visibility on impacts.


Simplify procurement and production with software

Today it is possible to guarantee these aspects to your company and simplify decisions regarding procurement and production with the use of modern and specific software: APS.

Thanks to APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling), in fact, manufacturing companies are able to plan and schedule their production starting from reliable data, using effective processes, calculating rapid processing and having visibility on the impacts of their choices.

Within the APS landscape, the CyberPlan solution stands out, thanks to which many companies program their production, whether it is of the ETO (Engineer To Order) or MTS (Make To stock) type. The use of this software has led companies that use it to achieve important results, such as a reduction in warehouses, a decrease in lead time and shortages along with an increase in the level of service, productivity and accuracy of forecasts.


Download the planning and scheduling guide

Guarantee your customers reliable delivery times and an adequate level of service, managing emergencies and unforeseen events with advanced planning and scheduling methods, thanks to the free guide that you can download by clicking here.


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