Digital planning, a twin of the supply chain

Many companies plan to evolve and digitize their supply chain planning process, and to do so they will need some sort of what Gartner calls a “digital twin.”

Today, companies are digitizing their supply chain planning processes (also known as SCP or Supply Chain Planning) in order to evolve them and increase their performance. Meanwhile, the concept of a double supply chain is emerging, in its digital version, that is, a kind of digital twin thanks to which it is possible to separate the analytical part and align the decision-making process with the supply chain and the organization.

Manual and digital production planning


All SCP solutions are composed of two parts: a supply chain model and an analytical part that, based on the model, is able to predict and generate a production plan. These two components are intertwined to the point of forming the SCP solution.

However, some companies are considering the idea of clearly dividing these two components in order to have a range of predictive analyses that can be performed on a large and detailed model of their supply chain. This is what is meant by a supply chain digital twin, and companies that are doing this kind of reasoning are companies that want to fully digitize production planning.

A digital twin is therefore a virtual representation of a real object made with the aim of improving the analysis and operation of the real object. A digital (or virtual) twin is composed of the model of the real version, a set of data, an association of the real and virtual components and the possibility of monitoring the object. To date, most digital twins are models of a physical asset, such as a pump or motor, however, the same concepts about optimizing business operations and decisions apply to all supply chains.


Tools for a digital twin of your supply chain

CyberPlan is the Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software that recreates the real model of the company and its supply chain, allowing you to create optimised plans and perform advanced analyses. Thanks to graphics, algorithmic power and calculation speed, in a few seconds you are able to analyse your digital twin, evaluate the progress of your production, identify problems and create optimised plans that are feasible in reality.


Learn more about CyberPlan

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