Agri-food production planning: Trevalli Cooperlat’s success

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS), Sector: Food

The logistics manager of Trevalli Cooperlat, Roberto Minocchi, tells us about the process of improving the planning processes for the production of dairy products in the famous agri-food company. This path of improvement and innovation, which began in the 1990s, has supported the company in the growth and management of campaigns and promotions.


Would you tell us about the path that led you to implement CyberPlan?

“Trevalli Cooperlat, is today divided into a system of centrally controlled and coordinated local companies. In the last decade, however, it has pursued competitiveness objectives through commercial, production and distribution synergies.

Among these development paths, was the enhancement of production planning, previously carried out with software no longer up to the needs of Trevalli Cooperlat. At a certain point, the managers of the logistics, information systems and supply chain sectors decided to enhance production planning by innovating the tools available, equipping themselves with Advanced Planning and Scheduling software to be integrated into the SAP management system.

Following a software selection, CyberPlan emerged as the winner, also thanks to the fact that CyberPlan allows a correct management of promotions, a critical aspect for companies in the food sector.

TreValli Cooperlat Hoplà - Pianificazione produzione alimentare con CyberPlan di Cybertec

How does the production scheduling process work?

At Trevalli Cooperlat, the programming process starts with the forecasts that come from demand planning and are examined by the sales department,” says Minocchi. “The controlled forecasts are then analysed by CyberPlan, which changes them into plans for the next four weeks. We have outlined campaigns, or a monthly scheme, within which are the so-called recipes. These are repeated cyclically, for production and plant optimisation needs. Firstly, the logistics office identifies the recipe, based on the campaign, then the planning department indicates the week in which it intends to produce it, then the logistics department completes the recipe by entering the items and releasing the plan. At this point, the purchasing department proceeds with the ordering of materials and semi-finished products necessary for the completion of the plan. Every Monday we work on the following week, whose production is frozen, unless there is an emergency.

The production planning process is particularly important in an agri-food business such as that of Trevalli Cooperlat, as some products are characterized by a strong seasonality, for example the trend in cream sales is closely linked to that of strawberries, or because the sale of other products is managed through campaigns and promotions.”

Which business departments use APS?

Roberto Minocchi - Trevalli Cooperlat - Cybertec

CyberPlan is used by several offices. In addition to officesor production planning, it is also used by the purchasing department and our department, which deals with logistics.

Today we communicate between the different departments also through CyberPlan, which allows us to avoid dialogue by means of sheets and printouts, replacing all this with a shared plan.”

Before there was a lot of paper and the interview between departments was missing, today we all see the same thing.”

Roberto Minocchi – Logistics Manager

What do you prefer about CyberPlan?

Today at Trevalli Cooperlat we can create and analyse the production plan extremely quickly, thanks to CyberPlan’s graphics. What struck me in the first place, in fact, was precisely the graphic aspect, especially because I came from the use of software that was not as appealing or pleasant. Graphics are particularly useful precisely because it allows a quick understanding of production planning, “says Minocchi.

In addition, today we are able to properly manage campaigns and promotions, a fundamental aspect for the sector in which we operate.

Finally, if today in the company there is strong communication and collaboration between the various departments, this is also thanks to CyberPlan, which has allowed the various departments to dialogue and collaborate in the implementation of the production plan, all using a single software.”

Trevalli Cooperlat has therefore innovated, optimised and speeded up the entire production planning process, supporting company growth and maintaining competitiveness on domestic and foreign markets.

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The company

Trevalli Cooperlat is a very dynamic and modern second-degree agri-food cooperative company, which in sixtyyears since the beginning of its activity, has been able to build an innovative business model capable of achieving an important strategic design, positioning itself among the first Italian dairy groups.

There are 15 member cooperatives, located in 7 regions, while the main headquarters is in Jesi in the province of Ancona, where the site with the most important production capacity is located and where most of the production is carried out, with the exception of cheeses, mozzarella, ricotta and yogurt.

The milk provided by the associated producers is processed in the 4 plants of the Company, to offer the diversification of the product categories into: fresh milk, high quality milk, long-life milk, long-life UHT milk, cream, béchamel, butter, fresh cheeses and aged cheeses.TreValli Cooperlat Hoplà - Pianificazione produzione alimentare - CyberPlan di Cybertec

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