Is your supply chain awash in data that is difficult to manage?

Having a lot of data doesn’t necessarily mean having the right data. That is why, in addition to the quantity and quality of the data, it is necessary to have reliable data to be able to transform them into really useful information for decision


Decide today, quickly and with certain data

Increasingly, you need to be able to make business management decisions, quickly and based on reliable data about your company. The times dictated by global markets require management to make decisions that are often strategically very important, quickly. Making these decisions based on uncertain data is not ideal, so data that reflects reality in a sincere way is the basis for making wise decisions.

One ERP and hundreds of Excels?

What many companies still do today is use data provided by ERP management software along with a myriad of Excel files. This is because planning has surrounded the management system with hundreds or thousands of spreadsheets, in an attempt to find a temporary solution to the defects that such systems present. In fact, ERPs, being transactional in nature, are not able to carry out simulations and provide alternatives that can be evaluated for production planning.

A slowdown for Supply Chains

The high amount of data, if not managed and used correctly, slows down supply chains and business growth, while reducing competitiveness towards the customer. What is perhaps even more serious is the fact of not being able to provide decision-makers with the necessary data to be able to better manage the company.

Increased speed and effectiveness

Today there are tools that allow companies to rely on reliable information and to accelerate their supply chain.

In fact, the best APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software) solutions allow you to extract information from the production department, transforming it into data that is extremely useful for business management. Software with CyberPlan therefore allows companies to have a greater quantity and quality of data, to accelerate the ability to process this data and finally to transform it into useful information. The consequences are a reduction in the relative timing and an acceleration of its supply chain, thus increasing its ability to respond to the market.

“With CyberPlan we are able to make quick decisions thanks to the simulation of all the complexity of our company in less than 2 minutes. All this has allowed us to reduce lead times and set-ups, achieving a level of service to the market of absolute excellence.” Stefano Setti – Senior vice president industrial operation KS segment – Silca, Dormakaba Group

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