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Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS), Sector: Plant and Machinery

The desire to guarantee reliable delivery dates to its customers has led Santoni to improve its production planning capabilities by equipping itself with CyberPlan software. Sergio Pili, head of information systems, tells us about the implementation path of APS software and today’s management of production planning processes.

What needs prompted you to look for an APS?

Santoni has been forward-looking in choosing an advanced planning and scheduling solution, in fact we have been using the CyberPlan APS for over 15 years. Before CyberPlan we planned with an MRP module that was part of the ERP, but this product had several problems including the fact that it could only be “launched” at night and that problems often occurred; logically, following the occurrence of a problem, it was necessary to wait for the next day to have a production plan again.

The impetus therefore came from the need for greater speed in planning, greater precision and to be able to better manage delivery dates. In fact, we needed an MRP that was faster and more precise than what we used and that allowed us to have full control of the delivery dates, something that we had difficulty managing at the time.

What tasks do you perform with CyberPlan?

With CyberPlan we manage the planning and scheduling of the production of circular machines. The APS solution then gives us visibility of the workshop loads, both immediately and for the production planned in the future. This visibility on future production and assembly cycles allows us to better organize the entire production department and beyond, avoiding work overloads.

Have you changed the ERP management system? If yes, how did you handle this step?

Changing ERP management software can be risky. Fortunately, having CyberPlan’s APS, the transition from one ERP to another in Santoni went smoothly, particularly with regard to production planning.

What support does APS software give you?

CyberPlan supports us a lot, it allows us to understand what we need to produce and when. In addition to this, CyberPlan allows us to see what materials we need, what we lack and when we could complete or receive the missing ones; not only that, it communicates when we have to deliver the products to customers and if we are in compliance with the roadmap. It is particularly useful in preventing critical situations thanks to the fact that it gives us visibility into the future, allowing us to anticipate the production of parts with a long lead time, which would otherwise risk delaying orders. To this must be added the fact that it is a very well studied and very intuitive system.


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Santoni, leader in the production of seamless wear machines

Santoni was founded in 1919 as the first Italian manufacturer of circular sock machines and then joined the Lonati Group, a world leader in the production of sock machines, in 1988.

Santoni Seamless Machine - Production Manufacturing Planning Scheduling - CyberPlan di Cybertec

Since then Santoni has linked its name to that of seamless production, becoming the world leader in the production of electronic circular machines for seamless clothing. Thanks to the potential and versatility of its machines, the company has gone from the initial development of machinery for underwear to the most technical sportswear, up to the latest achievement in the field of external knitwear. Today Santoni meets 97% of the world’s demand for the production of seamlesswear machines. 

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