Which APS to integrate with SAP?

Having software solutions that are useful tools for managing business processes is essential. Equally important, however, is the integration between these solutions, so that they work better and exchange data in the best possible way, so companies that use SAP can benefit from the integration between it and the APS software. But whatis SAP? Whatis an APS? How do these two solutions integrate? Let’s find out in this article.


Whatis SAP

The acronym SAP comes from the name of a German multinational company that produces management software, also known as ERP. SAP is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of Enterprise Resource Planning and more generally in IT solutions for businesses. The group is headquartered in Walldorf, Germany and over time has grown by adding administrative, operational and research and development laboratories in numerous countries around the world. Since 1980, the year in which the proprietary programming language ABAP was created, numerous products have been created, almost all thanks to this language. The acronym SAP stands for “Systeme, Anwendungen, Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung” which in Italian means “Systems, Applications and Products in data processing”.


Whatis an APS

APS software is a tool used by manufacturing or industrial companies to plan and schedule their production department. These solutions allow the planning department to better organise the work of the production plant, while at the same time reducing the so-called “effort” for workers, maximising the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes.

Why integrate an APS with SAP?

Paying attention to the integration between the APS and the SAP management system is useful to ensure that the exchange of data and information between the two software solutions is optimal, free of distortions and loss of data or information. In particular, thanks to the use of a certified integration module, the manufacturing company can obtain numerous benefits, such as:

  • Getting all the information within a single screen,
  • Performing calculations in a few clicks,
  • Accurate and timely monitoring of customer orders,
  • Fully integrated dashboard between software solutions,
  • Advanced functions for the exchange of information with compliance with precise criteria.

These are some of the benefits that demonstrate the absolute effectiveness of an integration module between the Teutonic management system and a planning and scheduling solution. However, not all companies that offer an APS are able to meet SAP requirements and offer a certified module. Cybertec, thanks to thirty years of experience with hundreds of customers, has a fully certified module that formally demonstrates the great integration between the two software solutions.

Benefici integrazione tra SAP e APS

CyberPlan: SAP-compatible APS software

Among the features of CyberPlan in the field of production planning and scheduling, the advanced integration with SAP makes it possible to simplify the operation of users with all the advantages deriving from the use of an Advanced Planning and Scheduling system for the management of the production department in order to streamline the planning of orders and the sharing of the work plan within the company. Thanks to the native integration between CyberPlan and SAP, in fact, CyberPlan becomes the best tool for production scheduling, being able to extend the potential of the ERP system.

With add on SAP you can enjoy an advanced CyberPlan integration with SAP, made in officially certified mode. You can feed the APS directly from SAP in a completely transparent way.

The key points of the advanced integration between CyberPlan and SAP:

  • Solution officially certified by SAP,
  • Maximum transparency for end users,
  • High performance in the management of consistent data flows,
  • Scalability to support dimensional changes and to ensure high reliability.

The integration module between CyberPlan and SAP is simple and extremely useful, if you use the well-known German management system in your company. If you use SAP as your ERP, look for a planning and scheduling solution that is seamlessly integrated.


Find out how to get a planning solution perfectly integrated with your SAP management system

Getting a production planning and scheduling solution perfectly integrated with your management software is simple, thanks to the Cybertec integration module, certified by SAP. Contact a Cybertec consultant, ready to give you the best advice on how to achieve your goals.


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