Simulation and planning streamlining skills (VIDEO)

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS), Sector: Metalworking

Michele Marascalchi – Senior Planner at Fischer told us in a minute about the implementation project of the APS CyberPlan software. Marascalchi, who deals with the planning of production centres, both internal and external, recounted the benefits obtained by Fischer a few months after the implementation of CyberPlan in his own company.


Macro benefits in a short time for planning

Fischer has already appreciated two macro improvements in a few months:

  • Streamlining the daily activities of the planner;
  • Simulation skills.

The streamlining of planning activities (or production planning) has made it possible to free up space, in terms of time, for the production planner in such a way that he now has more time to devote to activities with higher added value. In short, today Fischer planners can delegate repetitive and low-value tasks to the software to focus on the most important ones.

The achievement of simulation capacity derives from the fact that CyberPlan allows you to have a faithful and up-to-date view of the management data, allowing you to carry out simulations of future production plans. An extremely useful capability for a production planning department.

The CyberPlan implementation project in Fischer was carried out by Link Management, a long-standing Cybertec partner.


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