The history and solutions of Cybertec, told by Forbes

The history of Cybertec and the evolution of the CyberPlan solution were told by Matteo Rigamonti in a beautiful article by, entitled “Whatit is and how Cybertec was born, a pioneering company in manufacturing planning 4.0”.

The Founder and CEO of Cybertec, Helmut Kirchner, was interviewed by the well-known magazine, with which he retraced the company’s stages from its foundation in 1991 to the present day.

Cybertec has the pleasure and honour of being mentioned by the online brand that defines itself as a reference point for the business community and an international synonym for entrepreneurial achievement, success and well-being. Through the work of its journalists, addresses contemporary stories and trends, adopting a clear point of view on economic, social, cultural and innovation phenomena.

Read the article and discover the CyberPlan solution.


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