The software you can use to plan the production

Managing the production processes is a fundamental aspect for every manufacturing company, because it’s in this phase, the production one, that the main process of every manufacturing company takes place. So, what are the best software that a company can use to manage this core process?

What is production management

Let’s start by defining what is meant by production management. By production management we mean the decision-making process through which production resources are organized in order to achieve certain objectives. It is divided, also temporally, into the three phases:

  • Planning
  • Programming
  • Control

(Source: University of Roma Tre)

What are the software for production management

The best known software for production management is the ERP (which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning). This type of software, as the name implies, is used to plan the company’s resources and integrate the relevant business processes of a company (sales, purchases, warehouse management, accounting, etc.).

Over the years, these software solutions have been supported by specific software that are able to significantly increase the effectiveness of the related areas of expertise.

Thus the APS or Advanced Planning and Scheduling software have supplanted the production planning and scheduling operations, giving greater view on the Supply Chain, simulation and forecasting capacity, finite capacity reasoning and more.

In recent years, DDMRP (or Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning) solutions have also been added. These software are extremely useful for industrial companies to plan the materials procurement in a modern and advanced way with the use of techniques that allow to reduce waste, excesses and forecast errors.


Who uses production management software

Typically, the people who need the information provided by such software have roles that involve decisions making processes, supply chain supervision and directing the production department.

The people who deal with production management are the:

  • Supply Chain Manager,
  • Production Manager,
  • Planning Manager,
  • Plant Manager,
  • Logistics Manager.


Which companies use software to manage production

Production management characterizes manufacturing companies; among the latters, the most ambitious adopt advanced solutions that allow in-depth and updated analysis: the APS.

The great experience built during the years has allowed us to collect numerous Success Cases, for companies in various sectors. These include companies who benefit from the use of the Advanced Planning and Scheduling software since many years, and others who have adopted the solution more recently. Discover all the “Success Case Histories” created together with leading companies in their sector by clicking here.

The benefits of a production management software

Thanks to an APS software it is possible to improve the production management capacity and increase competitiveness through a single tool that aligns sales activities and production capacity, favouring strategic collaboration. Improve forecast accuracy and maximize service level thanks to an advanced production planning and scheduling solution that uses finite capacity logics and detailed scheduling.

CyberPlan, production management software

Cybertec’s APS, CyberPlan, is the best tool to manage production thanks to the most modern technologies used and 30 years of experience at the service of Italian and foreign supply chains. Companies that use CyberPlan to manage the production department, replacing numerous Excel sheets, have found numerous advantages in a short time:

  • Increase of the service level up to 33%;
  • Stock reduction up to 50%;
  • Productivity increase up to 10%;
  • ROI within the year.

These benefits are made possible by the strong investments of Cybertec in R&D as well as the close collaboration with hundreds of Italian and foreign companies, from small businesses to large multinationals. This commitment has allowed Cybertec to create complete, powerful and simple solutions that are used effectively all over the world.


Do you have the best tool to manage your production?

Most manufacturing companies do not have adequate solutions to support production planning processes, from sales forecasting to detailed scheduling.
Processes that require computing power to optimize the plan and generate rapid simulations that allow you to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.
Reduce inventory, increase productivity and the reliability of delivery dates with an instrument that allows collaboration and that perfectly integrates with your ERP software, talk with an expert.