The main 6 reasons why companies choose CyberPlan for the management of production processes

Manufacturing companies that decide to implement APS software to manage production planning and scheduling processes need to find the software that best matches their needs. 

CyberPlan, Cybertec’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling system is the most chosen APS in Italy and is also spreading widely abroad. But what are the reasons for the success of CyberPlan software? We asked the customers and we report the main answers.

What are the reasons why companies choose CyberPlan?

The reasons that drive companies to choose CyberPlan stem from Cybertec’s accumulated experience of more than 25 years. Experience that has led to the creation and evolution of a product capable of covering production needs and aligning operations with business objectives. Every year Cybertec invests a large percentage of its turnover to innovate its software solutions and train its consultants. This commitment has led to the creation of software that satisfies hundreds of companies every day.

Following an interview with the customer park, 6 reasons stood out in a preponderant way.

1. Calculation speed

The first feature that CyberPlan users appreciate is the speed of calculation. cyberPlan in fact manipulates hundreds of thousands of data in a few seconds, allowing the user to establish an interactive process with the software.

2. Evolved graphics

The second surprising feature of CyberPlan is its advanced graphics, which transforms all the data in an orderly manner into information on which to make the best decisions. Thanks to its graphics, it allows you to identify at a glance the critical issues of a plan and solve them quickly and intuitively.

3. Complete process coverage in a single solution

Customers find in CyberPlan a complete coverage of all processes from sales forecasts to S&OP to production planning and scheduling and purchase plan management. The experience accumulated in a thousand projects is reported internally to the software, keeping the CyberPlan suite complete and updated to market needs.

4. Adaptability and configurability

In addition to comprehensive coverage, CyberPlan’s customers appreciate the software’s ability to adapt to the unique characteristics of the company and its internal processes. In addition, the strong configurability allows you to easily adapt the parts of the software.

5. Reliability of the system 

Even those who have been using CyberPlan for more than twentyyears appreciate the strong reliability and security of the software that has never stopped working. 

6. Quick return on investment

The quick return on investment is a factor much appreciated by companies using CyberPlan. Following a survey carried out in the first 3 years following installation, it emerged that:

  • rOI became positive within the year in 98% of companies;
  • starting from the following 3 years, the economic benefits achieved were considerable.


CyberPlan for the management of production processes

It is for these and many other characteristics that CyberPlan is chosen every day by numerous companies for the optimal management of their supply chain. The benefits are numerous, allowing the return on investment within the year.

Learn how CyberPlan can speed up your supply chain planning.