The importance of integration between APS and ERP

Not only is it important to have advanced production management tools, but they must also dialogue in the best possible way with the reality existing at the time of their installation. That is why it is essential to pay attention to the integration between ERP and APS.

The APS solution integrated into the ERP

APS solutions provide additional potential and management skills to planners, which with mere ERPs are simply not achievable. APS bring to companies the enormous value of using the data present (and not used) within the same companies and of returning optimized production plans, which take into account the constraints present in the company and many other factors. In fact, advanced planning tools use the data present in the existing IT system that the company cannot or does not want to replace and integrate with them.

An APS integrated into the ERP

Since Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems contain information on inventory and customer demand, and production planning and scheduling (APS) systems assist in the actual production of products, the integration of the two worlds (if well implemented) helps to increase operational efficiency. In this way, companies increase flexibility and responsiveness to customer requests for customisation. The goodness of the integration is therefore fundamental and depends as much on the coverage of the integration as on the quality of it.

An Advanced Planning System (APS) requires to be regularly fed with data from the company ERP and possibly from additional tools to support production planning such as MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems).

The quality of the data received as input depends, to a large extent, on the goodness of the outputs that the new tool will be able to produce: this is why the phase of creating a data interface is particularly delicate.

Integrazione ERP APS

Reduced risks and costs

A risk particularly feared by those who manage corporate IT is also that of impacting existing information systems with new tools that are not perfectly compatible, requiring costly adaptations, new licenses and laborious maintenance. In this case, implementation times and costs are also affected, often going out of control.

Cybertec guarantees a well-established method of data exchange, especially with regard to the main ERP systems, the result of an evolution that has taken place over the years, thanks to the experience gained in numerous installations at customers located around the world.

CyberPlan: lean and robust interface

The possibility of using a unique and extremely innovative advanced planning tool, supported by a streamlined data interface, manages to converge the interests of IT with those of Logistics and Production. The impact on corporate information systems is really minimal and largely balanced by exceptional business results in a short time, in terms of increasing punctuality, reducing inventories and increasing the efficiency of departments. Simplified architecture. Natural integration.

The Cybertec integration team, thanks to many years of experience, is able to make the ERP systems present in companies communicate better with the CyberPlan APS solution. Zucchetti, Oracle, Microsoft, Infor, AS400 and many others are integrated daily with the CyberPlan solution for manufacturing companies around the world with the aim of making the dialogue between the two systems as effective and efficient as possible. For the SAP solution in particular, Cybertec has developed an officially certified module for APS integration with SAP.

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