Selle Royal Group presents its success

Selle Royal presented the evolutionary projects that have led to a considerable evolution in supply chain management. The event, entitled “A system for integrated supply chain management – The Selle Royal case” was held at the group’s headquarters in Pozzoleone, in the province of Vicenza.

Selle Royal Group has therefore opened the doors of its headquarters to tell other companies about the innovative projects carried out together with the promoter partner Link Management with the related paths and results. 

The supply chain, that is, production extended to collaboration with suppliers, is in fact of fundamental importance for companies that not only turn to Italy, but have also made export their main challenge for the years to come.

The Operations Director of Selle Royal Group, Eng. Andrea Cecchinato, presented and described the evolutionary projects carried out in recent years:

  • Production planning with the APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling software) CyberPlan, presented by the founder and CEO of Cybertec, Eng. Kirchner;
  • Management of purchase and work orders thanks to the Iungo platform, presented by the marketing and sales director of Iungo, Mongiorgi.

Following the presentations of projects and solutions, a round table was held, moderated by the professor of Industrial Systems and Logistics of the University of Padua, prof. Maurizio Faccio. During the round table, Salviato and Cecchinato of Selle Royal discussed with Brandellero of Link Management and a representative of Rivaplast Italia, a company that supplies Selle Royal and has participated in the project since its inception.

The implementation of the two projects presented has allowed the Venetian company to improve the management of the supply chain and to innovate its processes, increase competitiveness, achieving significant results such as a reduction in lead time of 80% and an increase in the level of service of 35%.

Watch the video made on the occasion of the event:


The article in the Giornale di Vicenza:

Il Giornale di Vicenza - Selle Royal La Catena Vince


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