Scheduling production digitally, IFI’s success

APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling), Plant and Machinery Sector

IFI S.p.A., leader in the production of furniture and technologies for food and beverage places, has evolved methods and systems used to schedule production by improving the accuracy of delivery dates communicated to customers and reducing the time required for planning, but not only. Production Planner and Materials Manager Davide Del Bianco told us about the CyberPlan Web software implementation project carried out by IFI to program its production digitally.


Improve the quality of production scheduling

Production planning and scheduling were carried out using the ERP and related modules. However, the management system did not allow updating the plan whenever there were changes in the scenarios: delays by a supplier or imperfections in the materials.

IFI’s desire for continuous improvement and progress, combined with the desire to provide ever more precise and timely answers to its customers, to improve the quality of planning, reduce the time needed to draw up a production plan as well as to allow the updating of the plan itself during the work, has prompted the Tavullia company to look for a software solution to match.

IFI Tavullia Produzione Stabilimento Manufacturing CyberPlan Cybertec


Careful and precise software selection

The company based in the province of Pesaro and Urbino has decided to select the best solution able to offer planning and scheduling with finite capacity and tailor-made sewing around the production of IFIs. To do this, the software selection involved the evaluation of different vendors and the visit to companies that already used the solutions offered. The winner was Cybertec’s CyberPlan Web solution, software for planning and scheduling production thanks to the coverage of all requests and the professionalism demonstrated by Cybertec’s staff.


Fast production, with a high rate of customisation

If IFI is a leader in its sector, this is also thanks to the speed with which it is able to carry out the orders it receives from its customers; production orders that in most cases are characterised by a high degree of customisation. Other particular aspects of IFI production concern the seasonality of the sector as well as compliance with the principles of Lean Production in all 20,000 square meters dedicated to production, which is divided into 3 poles and is the heart of a company that concentrates all phases of design, construction and production in Italy.

IFI Tavullia Stabilimento Produzione Del Bianco APS CyberPlan Cybertec

Outcomes beyond expectations

The results of the implementation project are many and largely positive, the result of teamwork and the potential of the application. The implementation of CyberPlan Web has in fact allowed IFI to achieve long-awaited objectives, such as updating the production plan in progress, saturation of production lines, management of finished capacity production or improving the punctuality of deliveries to customers.

To this must be added that IFI is now also able to plan the production of an external supplier and the fact that CyberPlan Web is not only useful to the Planning and Customer Service departments but also to the Purchasing department, which can order materials with greater precision and timeliness.

The initial objectives of improving the quality of the work of the planners were then guaranteed with a simultaneous reduction in commitment over time, which allowed more time to be dedicated to activities with high added value.

Finally, IFI can now predict future scenarios and realize in time that a critical situation will occur, a fundamental aspect that allows the company to act in time by eliminating difficulties.

IFI Tavullia Stabilimento Sede Headquarters CyberPlan Cybertec

IFI S.p.A. technologies and furnishings for food & beverage venues

IFI has been an international reference brand in the design, technology and creation of food & beverage premises since 1962. Innovation, research in engineering, food and social sciences are the matrices of a single guideline: to continuously improve the well-being of people through solutions designed around human needs, starting from the unexpressed.
IFI has brought artisanal ice cream and pastry to the design elite: in its sector it is the only company in the world to boast the Compasso d ‘Oro ADI Award (2014 and 2018), as well as international awards for technologies and furnishing concepts. Ambassador of Italian design with the Farnesina Design Collection, IFI is based in Tavullia and has 6 plants in the Marche-Romagna area, as well as two commercial branches in Dubai and Miami.
The Group, with over 350 employees, is divided into 3 BUs: IFI; IFI Contract; and et al., which offers chairs and tables for community spaces in collaboration with leading designers on the international scene.


The digital planning solution for manufacturing companies

Numerous manufacturing companies have decided to implement finite-capacity production scheduling software, in order to get the most out of their plants and production resources. The positive aspects of these projects do not stop at the boundaries of the plants but also touch on inter-company and extra-company communication, reaching the purchasing, sales and suppliers offices. Contact a Cybertec supply chain expert to learn more and learn more.


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