Plan production with CyberPlan since 1999: the history of ILCAM

APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling), Furniture Sector

Already in the 1990s, the management of ILCAM had the foresight to entrust production planning to advanced supports. For this reason, in 1999 he chose CyberPlan as a tool for planning and scheduling production. The virtuous growth path of the Cormonese company told by those responsible for production planning.

Leader in the production of furniture fronts

Founded in 1959 with an artisanal production of curved backrests and other accessories, ILCAM is today the European leader in the production of fronts for the furniture industry. The company has always pursued technological innovation, continuous improvement, design research and a deep focus on environmental, economic and social sustainability. The ILCAM group boasts a workforce of over 1,000 people, a wide range of products, a production capacity of more than 70,000 pieces per day in 11 strategic units also distributed abroad.

Staying at the top starting from the evolution of production planning

Since 1999, when CyberPlan was installed, the company has grown considerably and its turnover in particular has more than doubled in the last decade. With the creation of the ILCAM industrial group, the production lines have also changed, located in different production units.

Before the installation of the CyberPlan Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software, production planning was handled manually and the worksheets were in paper format. The management software managed the bills of material while the planning and scheduling parts were carried out manually.

The main challenge was to manage a product such as furniture fronts, characterised by a high number of variants, the quantity of which is very high.

Foresight of management: search for an advanced system for production planning

At the end of the 1990s there were few companies that approached the world of APS, which was mostly unknown. The innovative choice of APS CyberPlan software has allowed the company to take the desired step forward in terms of planning methodologies, allowing it to maintain production control for all the years to come.

The difficulty represented by the high number of product variants has been solved thanks to the concept of macro article and macro order, or a grouping that has allowed us to better manage the salient aspects of each production batch, giving greater visibility and manageability.

Compared to manual planning, with CyberPlan you can quickly do various simulations to be able to present different scenarios and impacts of the same and have at any time the updated planning situation with the possibility of working on multiple fields and on multiple filters.

20 years of performance to support growth 

All the actions taken by ILCAM together with Cybertec in recent years have improved company performance, especially in terms of lead time, accuracy and punctuality.

The optimization of lines and raw materials was among the main sources of savings. In fact, it has made it possible to produce a greater quantity of products, starting from the same quantities of materials, to save time and meet the required delivery dates. Three objectives that are not easy, especially if pursued at the same time, that ILCAM has achieved while managing to level production on all the various lines.

The use of CyberPlan has also allowed the company to have up-to-date information at any time on the production situation and on the portfolio (divided by various types), as well as the ability to simulate production scenarios, useful in the search for the optimal plan.

The APS solution also allows you to work on multiple fields and filters by selecting and filtering the data, which undoubtedly facilitates operations.

What does ILCAM think of Cybertec after 20 years of collaboration?

“I have always found great availability and competence in the Cybertec Team” – continues the Planning Manager – “the assistance is also competent and together with them we can always find the most appropriate solution to the new needs”.

He adds, “I have great memories of both the assistance and the support that were valid precisely in terms of methodology.”

ILCAM is a company in continuous growth and evolution, and the Cybertec team is proud to support such an innovative and important company in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Are you ready to grow with Cybertec?

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