Modulblok among the FVG’s manufacturing headlights with the Value Chain 4.0 Award

Modulblok received the “Value Chain 4.0” award from the Industry Platform 4 FVG system (also IP4FVG) for the project to improve order management thanks to a fully integrated system of which CyberPlan is the central focus.

The Production Planning Manager of Modulblok, Andrea Peressi, tells us about the path that led the company specialised in warehouse storage and logistics systems to obtain the award.


An analysis of the digitization of regional companies 

The evaluation carried out by the Industry Platform 4 FVG has highlighted the goodness of the choices made by Modulblok over the years. A team of experts from the IP4FVG has in fact analysed 89 companies in the Region, particularly active in the digitisation of production processes, and has carried out a technological assessment or audit for each of them. Among them, 11 companies were selected that stood out for their level of digitisation and that innovated more than the others.

Peressi says that “the analysis, aimed at understanding the state of technological progress and the degree of digitisation of the company, examined business flows and their management up to the information services and the integration between the various tools“.


A virtuous and integrated project

Modulblok has always paid great attention to the digitization of business processes and over the years has equipped itself with advanced tools capable of increasing the effectiveness of the various business functions. The Udine-based company has also paid great attention to the integration between these systems, in order to further increase their effectiveness and possibilities.

CyberPlan, in particular, plays an important role, not only as a planning, scheduling and order management tool, but also as a simulation tool for the entire production process,” says Modulblok’s Production Planning Manager. Peressi goes on to say that “CyberPlan has spread so well that now in addition to planning, it is also used by purchasing, logistics, management and other departments. Often during meetings we open CyberPlan in a shared way and discuss the production plan together. It has also become a meeting tool.

The award given to Modulblok by IP4FVG therefore recognised the great work done by the Friulian company on business software and their integration, a long-term vision that has allowed the company to receive the award and also to better manage recent periods that have required great flexibility, teamwork and adaptability.


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