Managing the production of the metalworking sector: the Aristarco case

APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling), Metalworking Sector

Aristarco S.p.A. is a leader in the white industry for professionals in the Horeca sector. Thanks to the advice of Link Management, which carried out an analysis of the company’s decision-making processes, and the implementation of CyberPlan , the company has managed to improve production management together with other variables connected to it.

The customer company

Active since the 1950s, Aristarco S.p.A. is a leading manufacturer of machines and equipment for restaurants and hotels. The product range consists of equipment and machines of high quality and performance for washing objects such as: glasswashers, washing machines, dishwashers, object washers and bar equipment.

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Difficulty managing production and guaranteeing the level of service

In a context such as the one described, the company was not able to plan the purchases and production of semi-finished products by tying them to the main production plan (MPs). This led to a dating of deliveries carried out on the basis of experience, without adequate IT supports, and therefore to an inadequate level of service. Another consequence of managing purchases separately from the main production plan was the levels of semi-finished products and raw materials in stock that were high compared to industry standards. Staff competencies were not aligned with management’s expectations.

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Integrated software for production planning and scheduling

The main challenge was to be able to integrate all the processes and make them easily dialogue with each other to increase the reliability of deliveries, reduce warehouses and overall costs. This is why Aristarco, after a software selection, has chosen to work with CyberPlan through the specialised consultancy of Link Management, Cybertec’s partner for over 10 years. The activities carried out by Link Management in Aristarco were mainly aimed at achieving the initial objectives:

  • Analysis of decision-making processes: analysis of the AS-IS situation identifying critical issues and possibilities for improvement, definition of the TO-BE for the achievement of the set objectives;
  • Implementation of CyberPlan (integration with the eSolver management system and configuration according to the processes necessary for the company’s needs) simulation for production and purchasing planning;
  • Reorganisation of tasks between the various people: the implementation of the solutions has led to a review of the processes with consequent optimisation of resources;
  • Detailed analysis of the status of the warehouse: optimal use of existing inventories and balancing.


Thanks to Link Management skills and the implementation of the CyberPlan APS, Aristarco achieved excellent results a few months after the start of the project. The main results were:

  • Reduction of the warehouse and consequent increase in the rotation index by 21% (from 5.17 to 6.3);
  • Reduction of the cost of personnel involved in logistics;
  • Improvement of the skills of the resources involved in the logistics process;
  • Coordination of purchase and production plans (including external processing) with the plan of sales forecasts per family;
  • Production stoppages due to missing products have been practically cancelled;
  • Constant monitoring of bills of materials with feedback from production.

To date, therefore, Aristarco is able to plan with a fully integrated process between the various company functions, maintaining warehouse levels adequate for production and with a high level of service. Thanks to the speed of the software and the processes implemented,Aristarco has also had a considerable reduction in production costs.

Why CyberPlan

CyberPlan is the finite capacity production scheduler chosen by the best performing Italian and foreign manufacturing companies to achieve the highest levels of competitiveness.

  • Thanks to advanced technology and high configurability, it adapts perfectly to any type of production, creating optimised, feasible and realistic sequences.
  • It has the fastest computing capacity, allowing you to create different scenarios with a large amount of data in just a few seconds. For this reason, it is possible to plan on detailed data and very realistic scenarios.
  • The speed combined with optimized and interactive graphics allows the planner to transform a large amount of data into useful information and to guide him in identifying critical issues and unforeseen events and solve them in a few seconds, keeping the focus on business objectives.
  • CyberPlan’s strong natural configurability allows the software to adapt over time and at any time to business changes, whether of a production, process or business strategy nature.
  • Integrability, stability and best practices complete the CyberPlan scheduler, allowing it to integrate perfectly into a consolidated system of business tools, and to remain solid and performing over time.
  • For companies that need to plan production even in the medium and long term, the CyberPlan scheduler is the only one to be truly integrated with all planning and demand planning logics, allowing joint and collaborative planning at all levels of operation (MPs, MRP, CRP, FCP, FCS).
  • Also available in the Cloud, it allows unlimited dissemination of information and a sharp reduction in initial investment with a high ROI from the first months of use.

Link Management, Supply Chain Professionals

Link Management has been a partner of Cybertec for over ten years. Link Management is a management engineering company, specialising in the organisation and improvement of the supply chain. For years he has supported companies in the development and reorganisation phases through process analysis, consultancy and specific training. In an economic context that requires flexibility and timeliness in responding to the customer, Link Management is able to respond to problems that arise in the organizational – manufacturing field. Through the consolidated experience of its consultants, it works to improve production planning and scheduling, with the support of the best software tools in the supply chain market, such as CyberPlan. Professional services are divided into:

  • Analysis of decision-making and planning processes;
  • Finished Capacity Planning (FCA);
  • Production scheduling;
  • Forecasting;
  • Production progress control (MES);
  • Warehouse logistics management (WMS);
  • Measurement and improvement of logistics – production performance indices (KPIs);
  • Reorganization of production departments, including with Lean methodology.

Link Management skills are the result of continuous research and an important investment in knowledge. On this basis, they build a strong relationship of trust with customers and with whom the creation of value has become an objective to be pursued together with them.



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