Managing growth with advanced tools: the Falmec case

APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling), Furniture Sector

Falmec, always very attentive to innovation, has implemented an important path of innovation to improve its factory governance skills

Dr. Andrea Poser – Operations & Product Manager of Falmec, tells us about the innovation path of the Venetian company to manage the strong dimensional and range expansion.

How is the production of Falmec organized?

Falmec’s production takes place entirely in the Italian factory in Vittorio Veneto, from materials such as sheet metal to the finished product.

The product range is extremely wide as a result of company growth and the search for maximum customer satisfaction. Suffice it to say that the catalogue consists of over 200 finished products.Production batches have a high variability as they are often small and there are relatively frequent line changes.

All this creates a high variability of production, ranging from the semi-finished product to the finished product, resulting in a high complexity, always to maximize customization and end customer satisfaction.

Falmec Pianificazione Produzione cappe e piani cottura con CyberPlan - Cybertec

What prompted Falmec to look for an advanced production planning and scheduling solution?

Falmec has always been characterised by cutting-edge research, development of new technologies, flexibility and creativity. For this reason, ten years ago we realized that planning could not be coordinated through management alone and we set out to find a specific tool. In fact, the use of mere ERP made planning particularly difficult and complex. Falmec, on the other hand, needed to plan production in a better way and to be able to have forecasts regarding the production and delivery of products. In addition, the product range has grown more and more, in conjunction with the company’s growth. Following the software selection we chose CyberPlan and the consequent implementation process was quite linear.

How does CyberPlan help you manage production?

CyberPlan is an extremely powerful tool that allows us to better manage the aforementioned production complexity. Although hoods for domestic use and hobs are not products that have a particularly high complexity from the point of view of components, in fact, our determination to best satisfy the market makes production more particular than you might expect.

The production plan that is made in CyberPlan is used for different purposes by the departments: production planning, production, sales, purchasing and finally by the management.

APS is a fundamental daily work tool for planning and scheduling production, able to do things that a manager would find difficult or simply impossible (also for technical reasons). CyberPlan in particular provides a series of information that is extremely useful for production management, also thanks to its speed of calculation and intuitive graphics.

What characterizes CyberPlan in my opinion is both the ease of use, a fundamental aspect, and the completeness of the information. The goodness of this tool comes from the fact that it pursues ambitious objectives such as: quality of work, customer satisfaction, punctuality, the possibility of managing the wide and complex range in a simpler and more immediate way.Falmec Pianificazione Produzione cappe e piani cottura - CyberPlan

Falmec: hoods for domestic use made in Italy, medium-high range

Falmec produces hoods for domestic use and hobs characterised by a strong added value in terms of innovation, design and technical excellence. From the initial design to the final product, all Falmec creations are born from a multi-stage process. This process takes place entirely in Italy in the Vittorio Veneto plant, where it began in 1981, and therefore within thatarea called Inox Valley. From a small artisan company, Falmec has grown to be a protagonist of the Italian and international market, so much so that there are 170 people working in Falmec. 

APS software to manage business growth

The story of Dr. Poser of Falmec demonstrates the goodness of the APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling software) solution in the case of companies that are experiencing a period of strong growth. In fact, the solution for planning and scheduling has shown particular effectiveness in the case of high-growth companies, a circumstance that risks putting production structures in difficulty due to the albeit positive change in conditions. This is why advanced planning and scheduling software is a choice that can allow commuter companies to make the most of these virtuous situations. Learn more about the APS CyberPlan to increase your manufacturing company’s competitive edge by downloading the free e-book below or request a free product demo.



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