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We strongly believe that manufacturing companies have the right to provide themselves with the best Supply Chain tools to compete in an increasingly demanding market. For this reason, in addition to creating the best software for planning and scheduling production, we only partner with the best consulting companies able to support the customer to face the challenges of today and prepare for those of tomorrow.

LINK MANAGEMENT: Supply Chain Improvement Experts

Link Management is a management engineering company, specialising in the organisation and improvement of the supply chain of manufacturing companies. For years he has supported companies in the development and reorganization phases through Process Analysis, Consultancy and specific Training activities.

In an economic context that requires flexibility and timeliness in responding to the customer, Link Management is able to respond to problems that arise in the Organisational – Manufacturing field. Through the consolidated experience of  its consultants, and the choice of the best software on the supply chain market, Link Management works to improve its customers’ production planning and scheduling.

Link Management has always chosen the best tools to guarantee its customers the maximum benefits and increase the performance of the supply chain, keeping itself competitive in an increasingly demanding market. In fact, the software chosen is the most famous:

  • Production planning and scheduling: they have always chosen CyberPlan, the Advanced Planning System (APS) designed to extend the potential of ERP systems to the simulation of possible future states.
    Intuitive in use, fast in execution, easily integrated and configurable, CyberPlan is the leading tool in the field of Finite Capacity Planning and Scheduling;
  • Forecasting and Demand Planning: provide CyberPlan, the only forecasting management tool designed for companies that produce and directly integrated into the production planning and scheduling part;
  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES): provide Open Data Work for optimal control of production progress, providing real-time information that allows the management, control and optimization of production operations;
  • Supplier management (Iungo): Iungo proposes, Thanks to the innovative and patented use of email, IUNGO allows you to automate the management of supplies with all suppliers, from requests for offers to invoices, through purchase orders, confirmations, attachments, shipping notices and bills;
  • Warehouse Logistics Management (WMS): Automa is the tool for the dynamic and “real time” management of warehouses.

These software solutions are complemented by a unique Link Management approach that stems from the experience gained together with its customers. Approach of consultants with decades of experience in supply chain and Lean methodologies.



With the aim of guaranteeing maximum performance to manufacturing companies, supporting them in the most ambitious challenges, Link Management has chosen to collaborate with Cybertec by providing CyberPlan.

With CyberPlan, Cybertec’s Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) software, Link Management customers are able to digitize production planning and scheduling and create and manage the forecasting process in a single tool.

With CyberPlan, Link Management has created an important customer base with names such as:

  • Cappeller Spa,
  • Siemens Transformers;
  • Breton spa;
  • FL Medical;
  • Unika;
  • Virgin Filter;
  • Inglesina Baby;

..and many more, achieving significant results in terms of cost reduction, increased efficiency, improved service level and ROI between 6 and 12 months.



Since its inception, Link Management has always had a strong focus on the end customer, and has grown over the years in order to bring maximum benefit, from the short to the long term, to its customers. The partnership with Cybertec has allowed Link to grow its business and skills by providing its clients with high added value consulting services.

Cybertec supports Link Management in:

  • Provide ROI-focused services: Link Management has simplified internal processes and improved operational efficiency;
  • Improve customer loyalty: by offering the best Link Management tools, it maintains solid and lasting relationships with its customers;
  • Modelling, analysing and generating value: with Cybertec tools, Link Management quickly models the client company considering the company structure, distinct bases, cycles and product models. Link Management consultants simulate production behaviour by contributing their own know-how and models and are able to identify the value created in terms of throughput, service level, warehouses, productivity, set-up and lead time.
  • Manage the supply chain in a powerful but simple way: the consultant has the possibility to process all the objects of the software with the ease of Excel and to enter refined supply chain and lean manufacturing logics. You can create your own specific solutions by recreating your own models and re-proposing them over time, reducing costs and maximising their benefits. It is now available in a web version.



CyberPlan is a powerful and innovative APS that has been supporting the production planning and scheduling of thousands of companies around the world since 1991. Companies ranging from small-medium-sized companies typical of the Italian territory to large multinationals over the ocean.

The processes that manufacturing companies optimize thanks to CyberPlan are:

  • Sales & Operation Planning: aligns sales activities and production capacity, favouring strategic collaboration. Maximizes the level of service thanks to the optimization of the production plan;
  • Production planning: anticipate factory problems through advanced simulations that take into account factory, supplier and customer constraints. Increases responsiveness to production contingencies by maximising the goodness of the production plan;
  • Detailed Scheduling: Create optimized factory sequences taking into account production constraints. Simultaneously take into account plant, equipment and materials. Increase production efficiency by reducing setup and lead times.

In this way, companies can stay competitive by improving some important performance indicators (KPIs):

  • Service level up to 99%: give safe and reliable delivery dates;
  • Reduction of warehouses by 53%: level the warehouse, eliminate the missing ones and reduce production lead time;
  • Increase productivity by 10%: reduce set-up times and machine downtime due to missing parts.

The companies that get the most benefits from using CyberPlan are all manufacturing companies. From “make to order/engineering to order” to “make to stock/ assembly to order” in different sectors:  electronics, mechanics, machines, plants, food, pharmaceuticals, plant engineering, CpG.

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Just as we are passionate about creating powerful software, we are equally involved in empowering and supporting our partners. In addition to software, we provide you with the guidance, support and training to help your business and its customers grow and succeed. Here’s how a partnership with Cybertec can help your business improve engagement with your customers.


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