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The Emilia-Romagna region is famous in Italy for its industrial production. The different provinces are characterized by a heterogeneity of companies that have led to specialization in some sectors and consequently to the development of specific industrial districts.

Within the regional productive fabric, the secondary sector is in fact very developed and diversified according to the various provinces, each characterized by its own peculiarities. These include, for example:

  • Parma is home to numerous food industries, some of which are also of global importance such as Barilla and Parmalat, and the Emilian district of food mechanics;
  • Modena, Reggio Emilia and Bologna where the famous “Land of Motors” is located, an area in which there are famous companies in the mechanical industry, such as: Dallara, De Tomaso Ducati, Ferrari, Italjet, Lamborghini, Moto Morini, Malaguti, Maserati, Pagani Automobili;
  • Ravenna characterised by the presence of companies belonging to the chemical sector;
  • Piacenza with companies operating in the logistics sector;
  • Rimini which sees the presence of industries specialised in woodworking machines.

The region is therefore present in every production sector, from chemical to mechanical and from textiles to electronics, through ceramics, biomedical and publishing to logistics and woodworking machines. The secondary sector of Emilia-Romagna is driven by small and medium-sized enterprises, especially in the pharmaceutical, textile and construction sectors. The metalworking industries are linked to world-renowned brands: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Ducati. The food industry produces famous products such as parmesan cheese and sausages.


Leading companies in Emilia-Romagna plan with cutting-edge software

Many of these leading companies in Emilia-Romagna plan and schedule the activities of their production department thanks to modern and advanced software. Among these there are some known for the quality of their products and for the high level of service offered to the customer, in particular there are companies of:

Bologna, the richest province of industrial realities with:

  • Cefla, a company with several business units, from mechanical to medical engineering;
  • Fanti Giorgio, a company specialising in packaging;
  • Galletti company expert in the production of chillers, heat pumps, hydronic terminals;
  • GVS, a leading company in the production of chemical products and filters;
  • Interpump Hydraulics at the top in the production of pumps, motors, cylinders and other products;
  • Nuova Star, a leader in the production of hinges and hinges for large household appliances;
  • A company specialized in the process of packaging products from the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors to food, tea, coffee and tobacco;
  • A company that designs and produces highly customised electronic equipment;
  • A company that designs and produces a wide range of machines and systems for the processing and storage of food products;
  • A company with a long history in the production of mechanical components for suspensions, engines, clutches, and more.


  • Glem Gas a company active in the production of built-in appliances (including ovens, hobs and extractor hoods);
  • A company at the top in the production of medical devices, in particular for drainage and infusion;
  • A leading company with divisions that deal with tube and sheet metal cutting, sheet metal bending and tube bending, three-dimensional machining, welding, laser marking, deformation and moulding.


  • Tagliavini, leader in the production of ovens, blast chillers, kneaders, planetary mixers and other professional machines for the HoReCa sector;
  • A company of global importance in the packaging sector, expert in the creation of entire packaging lines.

Reggio Emilia

  • A large company that produces accessories such as valves, guns and components such as accessories for pressure washers, car washing systems, industrial washing systems and for different sectors such as the mechanical, construction, pharmaceutical food industry;
  • A company with great know-how in the design and production of foot and wheel supports for automotive applications;
  • The world’s largest manufacturer of high-pressure pumps.

The province of Ferrara is home to Manifattura Berluti, the world leader in leather processing. The company is part of the well-known luxury giant LVMH.

Finally, in Piacenza there is a leading company in the production of actuators.

All these companies in the Emilia-Romagna region have developed paths of innovation and improvement that have led to great results, including:

  • Optimise and reduce warehouses;
  • Increased level of customer service;
  • Adoption of a flexible and configurable APS system;
  • Better communication between departments;
  • High speed in information processing;
  • Increased reliability of delivery dates;
  • Reduction of the time needed to draw up production plans;
  • Maximum possible visibility on the production process;
  • Ease of communication between operations and management;
  • 98% service level;
  • 60% reduction in lead times;
  • Reduction of the cost of planning by 50%;
  • Strong reduction of the missing ones.

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