Industrial Technology talks about Cybertec and CyberPlan

Industrial Technology, an international magazine that deals with machines, components, instrumentation and automation for the industrial sectors, talks about Cybertec and CyberPlan in its latest issue.

Faber Spa’s account of the digitalisation of planning was reported by the magazine Industrial Technology, which highlighted the concrete results, made by improvements in company performance indices as well as in communication between different supply chain roles. The CyberPlan software has allowed the company that first produced kitchen hoods to innovate the production planning department by moving from manual activities to digital activities. These previously highly “time-consuming”  activities are now extremely accelerated and have freed operators from low value-added tasks in favour of more strategic activities that allow improvements to be made.


APS integrated into management and concrete results

Why CyberPlan is the leading APS in Italy and the benefits received by the Marche company

Find out how Faber Spa has increased the efficiency of its production department following the adoption of the leading APS in Italy: CLICK HERE to download the article.


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