How would you define CyberPlan in 3 words? (VIDEO)

We asked some CyberPlan users what they think of the Advanced Planning and Scheduling software they use every day to plan and schedule the production of their companies. Three users, who have considerable experience with the APS solution, responded by choosing the 3 most suitable words to describe CyberPlan.


Macro benefits in a short time for the production programming department 

In the video, the heads of the production departments of leading Italian companies describe the software for programming production processes. From the interviews carried out it is easy to understand how the three manufacturing companies have benefited from great results already in the short period that followed the implementation of the APS CyberPlan in their respective production programming departments.

The managers, who describe the CyberPlan solution in three words in the video, talk about successful projects carried out in companies where improvement and innovation are concrete ambitions pursued on a daily basis. The managers and experienced users of CyberPlan that you will find in the video are:

  • Daniele Zonetti – Production Manager of HP Composites;
  • Fabio Coccon – Supply Chain Planning Manager;
  • Michele Marascalchi – Senior Planner at Fischer Italia;
  • Martina Famari – Programming Manager at Bibetech.

The projects talk about a great integration of CyberPlan into existing scenarios, ease of use, performance and innovation… the rest is in the video!


Provide your company with the best tool to restart planning at finite capacity

Most manufacturing companies do not have adequate solutions to support planning processes from sales forecasting to detail scheduling.
Processes that require computing power to optimize the plan and generate rapid simulations that maximize efficiency and reduce costs.
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