How long does it take you to search for useful information to manage your Supply Chain?

The amount of time that companies, and therefore also their employees, spend collecting and analyzing data is much higher than the amount of time they spend analyzing the information they obtain from it. Fortunately, today there are tools that can reverse this proportion.

Today, most companies spend 85% of their time collecting data, 10% to visualize it, and 5% to analyze it. Many Supply Chain professionals, despite being overwhelmed with assignments, spend a considerable amount of their time collecting data, although they would prefer to focus on the information they are able to give.


Analyze data with spreadsheets

Many companies start by analyzing data from sales and their production lines using spreadsheets, a solution that can be good for companies with a small amount of data but that has inherent limits and constraints.

Those who use or have used this tool to plan and schedule production in fact know that spreadsheets often become files known in depth only by the relative author and that often different versions are generated between them, which are not in communication and that create problems at communication levels between departments.

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The right solution to analyze Supply Chain data

The most suitable solution for analysing Supply Chain data from management systems and MES, which can be used to schedule production, is production planning and scheduling software.

These solutions are able to relieve production planners from the entire low value-added part of the process to provide them with in-depth and comprehensive analysis results that are the basis for your high value-added analyses and activities.


Valuable information for the Supply Chain Manager, thanks to CyberPlan

The best solution for planning and scheduling production is CyberPlan, software used by the best manufacturing companies in the world thanks to the fact that it guarantees low costs and risks in exchange for great impacts on business and improvements in business performance.

In fact, Cybertec’s solution extends the potential of management systems to the simulation of possible future scenarios, significantly increasing the speed of response, accuracy and centralisation of data.

To do this, it takes advantage of its unique features, such as: the Database in RAM, what-if simulations, powerful algorithms, high configurability, optimized workspaces, intuitive graphics, high integrability and an excellent mix of stability, assistance and consulting.


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Discover CyberPlan and its unique features that make it the best solution on the market for production planning software that a manufacturing company can choose from:



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