How has Friul Intagli improved the reliability of sales forecasts?

APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling)
Sector: Automotive

FRIUL INTAGLI INDUSTRIES is a production company located in an area that can be considered the hub of the Italian furniture and woodworking industry and thanks to the validity of its products it has managed to gain a leadership position at an international level in a short time. It has set up its own production activity, unlike the market, providing components for furniture instead of finished products, in order to be able to industrialize the


It has to work with customers who require insufficient delivery times for the supply of raw materials and production. It therefore becomes necessary to generate reliable sales forecasts, a point of great importance since the materials to be managed can be many, the trend in consumption irregular, the time available to formulate the forecasts little.

The integrated control of logistics for companies involved in a supply chain is, in fact, a factor of fundamental importance for all those companies that, like Friuli Intagli, have to control a large and structured logistics chain.

With this research project, the company intervened in the area of Manufacturing Forecasting, with particular reference to the management of aggregates applicable to the wood sector, issues that are particularly critical and decisive in order to make the forecast generation process more effective.

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