Extend the potential of SAP for production planning and scheduling

Most large companies have an ERP system or Enterprise Resource Planning, also known as “management”. If you are using SAP for this function, then you can add great value to that solution by supporting it with a planning and scheduling solution.

Strengthen the SAP management system for production scheduling

SAP management software is used in many manufacturing companies for the management of numerous business processes, such as purchasing, sales, warehouse management and accounting. The goodness of this solution finds technical limits when approaching the world of production planning and scheduling, failing to give precise and advanced answers quickly.

For this reason, many companies have supported the SAP solution with specific and dedicated software for production planning and scheduling tasks. The technical characteristics of these SAP departmental software allow companies to program their production in an advanced way by carrying out what-if simulations and finite-capacity scheduling.

There has never been a better time to look for modern solutions to plan and schedule production in an advanced way, replacing not fully satisfactory solutions or even Excel spreadsheets.


Cybertec is an SAP partner

SAP Partner

Companies looking to improve their production planning and scheduling skills find Cybertec a reliable, serious and professional partner. The quality of the results is also guaranteed by the fact that Cybertec is a partner of SAP, which guarantees maximum integration between the two solutions.

Thanks to a standard and streamlined data interface module, the interests of IT converge with those of Logistics and Production.
The impact on corporate information systems is really minimal and largely balanced by exceptional business results that are achieved in a short time, some of which are:

  • increased punctuality;
  • reduction of inventories;
  • increased efficiency of departments.

This integration with SAP ERP has largely taken root and is the result of an evolution that has lasted over the years thanks to the experience gained in numerous installations with customers, active in as many different sectors.

Leading companies such as Faber, La Triveneta Cavi, Schneider Electric and Trevalli have in fact recognized the value that Cybertec’s solution is able to bring and use CyberPlan on a daily basis to obtain more value from their ERP systems.

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The benefits of planning software integrated with SAP

With CyberPlan, companies have the potential for business production planning, monitoring and response integrated into a single solution and are able to progress from the planning and scheduling techniques of the past to remain competitive in today’s world.

What makes the CyberPlan solution unique is the ability, unlike other platforms, to provide what-if simulations, innovative simultaneous planning techniques and finite-capacity detail scheduling. The result is that companies gain help that allows them to gain unparalleled vision of the future, agility, speed and efficiency for planning and scheduling their production.


Learn how to power SAP and power your supply chain

There has never been a better time to progress the methods and tools used to plan and schedule production and it’s never too early to do so. Today you can innovate the production planning department by digitizing this strategic area and progressing with respect to the planning and scheduling techniques of the past. Download the Caleffi case study and discover how to integrate CyberPlan into your SAP management system, thus increasing the competitiveness of your company.


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