Eliminate Excels, accelerate the supply chain: the Came Spa case

APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling), Electromechanical Sector

Came Spa is synonymous with windings for electric motors. This is the company’s specification, which has shaped it since 1977. But if in the seventies it was the only business, the continuous growth and economic results have brought Came Spa to an industrial dimension of excellence. With headquarters in Vicenza and a turnover of 136 million euros and 250 employees, four factories, three dedicated to windings and one to die casting, are today the tangible sign of a solid, dynamic reality that is now prepared for the great challenges of a constantly evolving global economy.

Advanced scheduling to manage business growth

To manage the production planning and scheduling processes, Came mainly used a MES sequencer with numerous Excel spreadsheets. “The difficulties we encountered on a daily basis – continues Stefano Rossato, General Manager of Came Spa – were mainly related to the effort in terms of time needed for the programming and scheduling of production that did not allow us to dedicate ourselves to other activities with higher value. Although we were constantly focused on the data, we could not obtain satisfactory results in terms of setup optimization and service level.”

“Deciding to improve the process, we inquired about any products available in the market, identifying six possible alternatives. Our choice fell on CyberPlan and Cybertec, which from the first meetings proved to be a structured reality and specialized in Supply Chain Optimization. The objectives shared at the beginning of the project included an initial scheduling of the most delicate departments and the process of dating sales orders. The implementation was successful both technically and functionally, as a relationship of trust and collaboration between us and Cybertec was established immediately.”



Thanks to the use of Cybertec’s finite capacity planning and scheduling solutions, it was able to achieve its objectives in a short time.

“The CyberPlan implementation project, with the specialised advice of Cybertec, has led Came to benefit from qualitatively and quantitatively better production planning and scheduling. Already after the first months, the need to use Excel files to support planning has been eliminated, simultaneously reducing set-up times and increasing the service level by about 5 percentage points.”

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