Cybertec sponsors pilot Emanuele Beraldo

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Cybertec sponsors Emanuele Beraldo, a pilot who currently participates in the CIVS (Italian Road Speed Championship).

The multifaceted rider has tried his hand at numerous specialties over the course of his career, always obtaining outstanding results and winning the title of national champion in the maxi scooter category.

Helmut Kirchner, CEO of Cybertec :

“It is a pleasure for us to sponsor Emanuele Beraldo in his chase for the title of the Italian Road Speed Championship. The piloting and forecasting skills needed in this sport are close to the skills needed by the ‘pilots’ in charge of production, who find CyberPlan a useful solution to control it”.



Emanuele Beraldo, pilot and driving instructor, has tried his hand over the years in numerous specialties, always obtaining significant results, also winning the title of Italian champion in the maxi scooter category. Beraldo is also a sports driving instructor at the Rock’N ‘Road Racing school. Born in Jesolo, but a long-time resident of Trieste, he made his debut as a child in the races of the regional motocross championship. Then it moves on to the ‘speed’ sector where it grows over the years, changing classes. In 2006 he won the title of Italian maxi scooter champion, after touching the en plein of championship victories. In 2008 and 2009 he participated, as official rider of the Rossocromo team, in the Hornet Cup championship. Subsequently, he participated in the CIVS (Italian Uphill Speed Championship) and the EMU Hill Climb Road Race, championships in which he collected numerous results. In 2011 he joined the Rock’N ‘Road association, as a sports driving instructor and racing team driver. ​In the 2013 season, after having always been on the podium, he became Italian vice-champion in the Roadster CUP Under 800. (Source: Rock’N ‘Road)

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