Cybertec: Italian software, international success

Cybertec is an Italian company founded in 1991 offering the Italian industrial market advanced software for production planning and scheduling. Since then, it has always focused its resources on innovating its product, the Advanced Planning and Scheduling software called CyberPlan.

Since 1991, the use of CyberPlan has spread like wildfire in Italy, supporting the Italian manufacturer in the daily challenges of production management. Thanks to substantial investments and an innovative approach, CyberPlan allows industrial companies to have complete visibility of production and aligning the different departments (production, purchasing, sales, technical office and after-sales). The planning process becomes much leaner and faster allowing continuous simulation and what-if scenarios. In a short time, the benefits of effective planning make it possible to improve the economic variables of the entire company:

  • Reducing WIP reduces warehouses and frees up invested capital;
  • Increasing productivity and factory saturation reduces costs per product;
  • Increasing the level of service increases reliability towards the customer by avoiding delays and stock outs.

CyberPlan’s support has been fundamental in the years of crisis, allowing many companies to survive thanks to the visibility on cash-flow and the possibility of eliminating waste.


From Italy to international success

CyberPlan’s unique features and Cybertec’s consulting approach have led the Italian APS to spread abroad as well. Initially expanding at a European level, after 2010 it arrived at an extra-continental level.

Today CyberPlan is used daily on 5 continents, in 37 states and by thousands of users.

CyberPlan’s success has led Cybertec to be the only Italian company awarded by APICS (the Association for Operations Management, a leading non-profit supply chain training association based in the US) and this also thanks to its participation in the General Electric Oil & Gas innovation project (Read the interview with General Electric here).



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