Cybertec is a leader in production planning and scheduling software

Manufacturing companies find in Cybertec the leading company in the supply of software and consulting solutions for the planning and scheduling of finished capacity production.

Cybertec believes that through better control of production, companies can increase their competitiveness by improving the level of service, reducing costs and maximizing efficiency. For this reason, since 1991 it has been developing and providing the most advanced supply chain solutions, giving companies the opportunity to make the best decisions to compete in an increasingly demanding market, knowing:

  • What to produce and when to maintain a high level of service;
  • What to buy and when to increase the inventory turn-over ;
  • How to reduce waste and set-ups to increase productivity;
  • Create shared production plans by aligning operations with business objectives.

This is why we provide CyberPlan, the Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) software used successfully by the best manufacturing companies worldwide. Perfectly integrated with any management system (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Infor), CyberPlan is the most powerful tool to manage all processes from sales forecasts, from S&OP to detailed planning and scheduling to finite capacity. In addition, our clients are supported by a team of expert and APICS-certified consultants who guarantee the achievement of the best results, allowing them to maintain full autonomy.


Why companies choose Cybertec solutions

Every day the most competitive manufacturing companies entrust their production planning and scheduling to CyberPlan, Cybertec’s APS solution.

The characteristics that make it a unique solution are many:

  • An advanced and highly configurable technology that adapts perfectly to any type of production, creating optimised, feasible and realistic sequences;   
  • The fastest calculation capability that allows you to create different scenarios with a large amount of data in just a few seconds (for this reason it is possible to plan on detailed data and very realistic scenarios);
  • Optimized and interactive graphics that allow the planner to transform a large amount of data into useful information and to be guided in the identification of critical and unforeseen issues, allowing them to be solved in a few seconds, maintaining the focus on business objectives;  
  • A strong natural configurability that allows the software to adapt over time and at any time to changes in the company’s production, process or business strategy; 
  •  Integrability, stability and best practices complete the CyberPlan scheduler, allowing it to integrate perfectly into a consolidated system of business tools, and to remain solid and performing over time.

CyberPlan, also available in the Cloud, allows a barrier-free dissemination of information and a rapid lowering of the initial investment with a high ROI starting from the first months of use.



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