Cybertec and AzzurroDigitale announce a partnership to support companies in their digital transformation

Cybertec and Azzurrodigitale: an innovation alliance for the future.

Cybertec and AzzurroDigitale, a company specialising in the implementation of digital transformation projects, announce a partnership in the field of technological process innovation.

The partnership between the two companies represents much more than just a commercial agreement. “The strategic partnership between Cybertec and AzzurroDigitale represents a unique opportunity to raise quality standards and offer superior solutions in technological process innovation,” said Alice Kirchner, sales director at Cybertec.

This union is the result of a relentless pursuit of quality and excellence on which CyberPlan’s foundation is based.

“We chose AzzurroDigitale not only for their technical skills, but also for their extensive experience in workforce management, a know-how gained with their flagship product, AWMS. This partnership opens the doors to the integration of technical capabilities and experiences, offering the opportunity to create for customers a competence center focused on both processes supported by AWMS and CyberPlan.”

Union of visions

Cybertec and AzzurroDigitale share a common vision: to transform the supply chain and manufacturing sector with innovative and high-quality solutions. This partnership joins the forces of two pioneering companies in their sectors, creating a synergistic union with the aim of taking innovation to the next level.

“We are starting a new growth path in AzzurroDigitale that includes the selection of the best partners and the most advanced solutions for the manufacturing sector” says Carlo Pasqualetto, co-founder and CEO of AzzurroDigitale. “The strategic partnership with Cybertec represents a fundamental step in this direction. We are excited to combine our skills and experience to offer superior solutions in technological process innovation, in order to fully meet the needs of our customers and contribute to their growth and success. ”

This partnership will benefit above all customers, who will have access to a wider range of services and skills, with the possibility of obtaining integrated solutions tailored to their business needs.

Alice Kirchner (Cybertec) and Jacopo Pertile (AzzurroDigitale)

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