Cybertec 30th anniversary

Thirtyyears of technologies at the service of manufacturing companies, to support them and help them improve performance and competitiveness. Cybertec celebrates the 30th anniversary of its founding in 1991.


The foundation and early years of Cybertec

Cybertec was born from the winning intuition of the Triestine engineer Helmut Kirchner to find a meeting point between simulation, artificial intelligence and ease of use, which would allow to concretely solve the management challenges of the manufacturing industry. Since 1991, the company’s mission has always been to help leading companies around the world achieve better performance in production scheduling and supply chain management.

Since the early years, the company has been developing innovative algorithms for the calculation of material requirements (MRP) and production capacity (CRP). The incessant research activity goes hand in hand with the profitable software development that led first to the birth of GrafComm (1992) and four years later to the release of the first version of the product that still represents the flagship of the company’s solutions: CyberPlan. The tool, which since that day has been constantly improved and extended, is the benchmark in the APS (Advanced Planning Systems) market.

During the 1990s, Cybertec grew by an average of 40% per year in terms of turnover and personnel – a sign that the scientific activity and the development of computer functions, intrinsically linked, were set in the best way.


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The 2000s, growth and development

In the first decade of 2000, the progressive specialization of algorithms and the experience gained at client companies led to the birth of other products:

  • Quick Budget, for the generation and review of production plans;
  • Order Promising, specific for the dating of deliveries to the customer;
  • Workforce Management, particularly effective in the management of human resources shifts.

In 2008, a period of severe crisis began in Italy in which many companies failed or were close to failure. Cybertec, thanks to the foresight of management and the heavy investments of previous years, is able to overcome this period and at the same time support the activities of client companies. Despite the crisis, the new office in Padua was opened and important new features, such as Capacity Planning, were developed.

2015 is a very important year for the history of Cybertec as we start working on a completely new version of CyberPlan. In fact, a prototype is created on a web base and both an important cleaning of the code and an incredible revision of the graphic part are carried out. The Research & Development activity has led to the birth of a completely new, more powerful and versatile product that will be the basis for the years to come and will allow the use of technologies such as artificial intelligence, parallel computing and machine learning. In the following years, the new CyberPlan Web product has been constantly improved and consolidated.


Cybertec today and tomorrow, a future always at the side of companies

2020 is a year that has marked the history of everyone due to the health emergency. But it is also a very important year for the history of Cybertec, because it is characterized by great news.

The first, which marks the beginning of a new era, is the entry into the Zucchetti Group, the first Italian ICT group. Entry into the large Zucchetti family allows to increase the offer and support to customer companies thanks to a strong synergy and cohesion. In fact, Zucchetti, in line with its choice to become a strategic support for companies in all digitalization processes, has also chosen to promote supply chain innovation, offering CyberPlan, a finite capacity production planning and scheduling solution on the market capable of revolutionizing the entire production process from a demand-driven perspective.

The second is the creation of DDMRP: a product thanks to which companies can manage the replenishment of materials with new and efficient logic. Cybertec is among the first 4 products in the world to have obtained two out of three certifications, with the third expected shortly.

Other solutions are on the horizon and ready to support Italian companies, including those supporting the Zucchetti Group’s customer base, but still others are aimed at different areas and sectors. To discover them, just stay informed about what’s new at Cybertec by visiting the website or following the LinkedIn page.


Extensive experience at your service

Discover how you can improve and advance your company thanks to the latest software solutions, created from thirty years of experience in software and supply chain consulting. Benefit from the know-how built by supporting leading companies in the Italian manufacturing fabric. Contact a Cybertec expert ready to answer your questions.


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