CyberPlan, user opinions

CyberPlan is Cybertec’s Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) software. Used every day by thousands of users in Italy and abroad, it allows manufacturing companies to increase their competitiveness through a punctual, safe decision-making process that benefits from the agile method.  


Not just business benefits

CyberPlan allows you to create feasible plans by aligning the production, purchasing, sales and technical departments, bringing together in a single platform the data used in planning and scattered among management, Excel and other systems and transforming them into information with which to make the best decisions. In this way it is possible to align operations with business objectives, facilitating their communication. 

The main economic benefits found by companies a few months after the implementation of CyberPlan are:

  • Consistent increase in service level (up to +33%);
  • Strong reduction of warehouses and lead times (up to +50%);
  • Increased efficiency and factory saturation (up to +10%).


Many sectors, one solution

CyberPlan has been successfully implemented in different manufacturing sectors, testifying to its adaptability and effectiveness in different contexts.

From the automotive to the food sector, from the electronic to the chemical sector, many of the companies that turned to CyberPlan shared the need to improve by offering a higher level of service and enhancing production planning. 

Thanks to CyberPlan, they were able to increase the level of service offered, reducing the risk of stock-outs, increasing productivity and gaining competitiveness.


Many benefits for users 

These economic benefits derive from an improvement in users’ ability to control and govern production. In fact, CyberPlan was created to make users’ work as simple as possible, from intuitive graphics that allow them to identify critical issues, to easy navigation of data and therefore the causes of critical issues, to the ease and speed of simulating different scenarios.

Functionalities such as drag & drop of most elements, easy customization and modeling of the software to adapt to business processes and the speed of calculation that allows a continuous interactive cycle also help the user.

But what do CyberPlan users say? Let’s find out more about their opinions.


User opinions about CyberPlan

  • “What we appreciate most about Cybertec is the versatility of the product in adapting to changing business needs, the speed of processing and the high ability to simulate different scenarios in order to make decisions.” 

Eng. Christian Castellan, Production Planning Manager, Vimar Spa

  • “At Sipa, at CyberPlan we also appreciate the full MRP pegging that gives us total visibility provided at the detail level (single order) and at the aggregate level and the speed of carrying out off-line simulations in a very fast time.” 

Michele Visentin, Material Manager, SIPA – Zoppas Industries

  • “At CyberPlan we greatly appreciate your ability to reason according to assigned constraints, such as available delivery date or production capacity, which allows us to accurately determine the delivery dates of sales orders and consequently all production and purchase orders.” 

Rodolfo Rossini, Industrial Coordination, SMI Group Spa

  • “CyberPlan allows us to easily insert different planning models also through the insertion of objects not present in the management system on which it is possible to do What-if Analysyses in extremely short times. In addition, the speed of execution of the MRP and scheduler algorithms allows you to immediately see the impacts of one or more changes ” 

Eng. Nicola Masala, Alternator and Turbine Planning Manager, Ansaldo Energia Spa

  • “At CyberPlan we appreciate its configurability around our needs and the fast processing speed (What if analysis that allows simulations of different scenarios) of just a few minutes.” 

Romeo Menti, CIO, Group Supply Chain and Logistics Manager, Pietro Fiorentini Spa


Reviews on CyberPlan

  • “The Ferrari of schedulers.”

Davide D., furniture sector

  • “The best APS. I appreciate the fact that it can perform simulations in a short time and that it can work for exceptions (with synoptic method), together with the high degree of configurability of the system for us implementers and also for the customer.”

Samuele B., Project Leader and Senior Consultant

  • “Great dynamic and custom planning tool. I have been working with CyberPlan for 10 years and I can confirm that it is a 5-star planning tool.”

Diego T., Procurement & Production Planner 


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