CyberPlan, the APS officially certified as an add-on by SAP

The world of information technology consists of a large amount of software used by manufacturing companies to manage various aspects, from personnel to warehouses, from production to the purchase of materials. For this reason, the integration between different software, and in particular between the ERP management systems and the various departments, is an increasingly important aspect.


The importance of integration

For this reason, the CyberPlan solution offers its customers various integration modules to ERP management systems. In particular, the CyberPlan interface module meets the official guidelines provided by SAP and has an official certification. In fact, CyberPlan is part of the list of solutions certified by SAP, a company with which Cybertec has had a partnership for some time.


A seamless integration between SAP and CyberPlan

SAP certification is a positive aspect for all companies equipped with the famous management system as it certifies the goodness of the integration between the two solutions and the exchange of data between them. In fact, the CyberPlan solution has always been able to dialogue with SAP in the best possible way, and all this is recognized by the company based in Walldorf.
Thanks to the integration tool, manufacturing companies that use SAP have great ease in adopting the CyberPlan solution and in managing the exchange of data between the two software. The interface is extremely solid, easy and fast to install as well as secure, thanks to the fact that it meets all SAP standards. The CyberPlan interface is therefore a real SAP plug-in, an environment towards which the know-how of the company and the integration team is extremely high.


Integration between CyberPlan and SAP S/4HANA

CyberPlan’s integration package ensures easy integration between SAP’s ERP and Cybertec’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling solution. This integration module allows the company that uses SAP as an ERP in the company to implement a closed-loop flow between the management system and the software for planning and scheduling. This module guarantees the functions of selection, filtering and extraction of data together with the integration of feedback and updating of data through the BAPI (Business Application Programming Interface). The integration interface between CyberPlan and SAP that has been certified is composed of a package that contains all the objects necessary for the interface (programs, tables, structures, etc.), thus eliminating the need to modify standard SAP objects (tables, programs, etc.). In particular, the CyberPlan module dedicated to SAP identifies information relevant to planning and scheduling processes and transforms it into a simplified format for SAP management. Thanks to this module, companies obtain great usability and remarkable performance.

CyberPlan and SAP S/4HANA

The two software solutions dedicated respectively to production planning and scheduling and business management have long been perfectly integrated. The full compliance of the CyberPlan integration module has also been certified by SAP over the years. This declaration, granted following a verification process, confirmed the technical compliance of the CyberPlan integration package. This certificate was awarded only after the verification of functions such as: the use of components and terms in line with those of SAP, the use of SAP functional rules, integration with SAP S/4Hana, and others.


CyberPlan and SAP S/4HANA Cloud, extended edition

The integration between the CyberPlan planning and scheduling software and the SAP Cloud management system was developed by the Cybertec integration team, thanks to which the integration module was officially certified by the German company. The goodness of the module in fact responds perfectly to the strict technical compliance required for official certification and therefore it is possible to make this interface operational even in installations in the Cloud of
SAP. For the verification and certification procedure, aspects such as safety, compliance with operational requirements, compliance with technical requirements, compliance with the nomenclature and codes used by SAP, and so on are verified. Companies that use SAP S/4HANA Cloud as management software can therefore plan and schedule their production in a perfectly stable and reliable way thanks to the APS made in Cybertec, obtaining all the benefits that this solution gives to the companies that use it.


Schedule remote production and simulate future production scenarios in perfect harmony with your SAP management system

Most manufacturing companies do not have solutions that can best support planning processes, from sales forecasting to detailed scheduling. These processes require computing power to optimize the plan and generate rapid simulations that maximize efficiency and reduce costs. Specific solutions, such as CyberPlan, allow management software such as SAP to be enhanced, obtaining great benefits, such as reduced warehouses, increased productivity and reliable delivery dates. Learn how to get a collaborative tool integrated into your management system, talk to an expert to increase the competitiveness of your company.

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