CyberPlan in Newsweek’s Top 5 Best Business Tools 2019

Today, companies around the world face continuous change, which makes technological tools increasingly crucial for the success of established companies as well as start-ups.

For this reason, the famous New York-based magazine Newsweek, in collaboration with the world-renowned data research company Statista, has produced an authoritative list of the best tools available to American companies.


The “Best Business Tools 2019” award

The research indicates the main software providers for companies, divided by category.

The list of best business tools is based on a national survey of over 10,000 professional software users and software service providers.

Participants were asked to identify all suppliers of business software and software services they know and have used previously and were also asked to nominate additional suppliers.

The survey examined the participant’s willingness to recommend the supplier and asked them to indicate their brand loyalty, promise keeping, reliability, safety, continuous improvement and satisfaction.

Each participant rated different suppliers, which led to the collection of over 71,000 ratings. For each supplier, a score weighted from 0 to 100 has been calculated.


CyberPlan in the Top 5 of Production Scheduling Software

Cybertec’s solution has been included among the top 5 solutions for production scheduling available to manufacturing companies, only a point and a half from the first.

What made it stand out were the unique features of the solution: Databases in RAM, advanced algorithms, great configuration possibilities, lean workspaces, intuitive graphics, stability and integration.

The CyberPlan solution, supported by the work of expert, professional and APICS-certified consultants, allows you to automate the production scheduling process, making it easier and faster. Creating optimal machining sequences on individual machines allows you to closely pilot the factory and achieve the best saturation of resources without affecting delivery dates or inventory level.



Newsweek is one of the world’s best-known news magazines, offering high-quality journalistic services for over 80 years. Newsweek provides the latest news and in-depth analysis on international issues, technology, business, culture and politics. In addition to its online and mobile presence, Newsweek publishes weekly print editions in the United States, Europe / Middle East / Africa, and Asia with editions in English, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Serbian, and Spanish.


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