CyberPlan Earns DDMRP Certification from Demand Driven Institute

CyberPlan’s new DDMRP has achieved the prestigious “DDMRP Software Compliance” certification from the Demand Driven Institute (or DDI), at its first evaluation, something that rarely happens and that testifies to the maturity of production planning and scheduling software.

The Demand Driven MRP solution is seamlessly integrated with the rest of the CyberPlan suite and benefits from the same unique features ranging from extreme data processing speed to easy and intuitive user interface. The path that led to obtaining software compliance began at the end of last year to reach today with CyberPlan DDMRP: an effective product available to the most innovative manufacturing companies.


DDMRP: Definition and Benefits for Manufacturing Companies

In today’s volatile and competitive global environment, manufacturing companies need new decision-making tools to monitor, measure and improve performance. The use of outdated methods, tools and procedures is drastically reducing the competitiveness of companies that still use them.

DDMRP, a method developed by Chad Smith and Carol Ptak of DDI, is a practical, proven and growing solution for supply chain planning and management that effectively brings the concept of traditional MRP into the modern era.

Using an innovative multi-level “Position, Protect and Pull” methodology, the DDMRP helps plan and manage inventory and materials in today’s more complex and competitive supply scenarios. This method allows a company to eliminate forecasting error from the generation of supply and production orders by aligning them with the actual needs of the market and allowing better and faster decisions to be made at the planning and execution level.

The benefits of the DDMRP methodology, if well implemented and supported by the CyberPlan solution, are multiple, safe and achievable in a short time. Among the main ones are:

  • Increased cash flow,
  • Decrease in stock in warehouse,
  • Service Level Increase (OTD),
  • Reduction of delivery times.


CyberPlan DDMRP

“DDMRP Software Compliance” is a certification that aims to ensure that a specific software offers useful features and functions to implement, support and improve the adoption of DDMRP. Through the assignment of the DDMRP Software Compliance, the Demand Driven Institute certifies that the Cybertec product follows the standards of the DDMRP methodology.

But software compliance isn’t everything. The CyberPlan DDMRP module has been designed to support the introduction of the new methodology within the company and to keep it simple in daily operations. Speed, intuitive graphics, thirty years of experience in the supply chain make CyberPlan’s DDMRP module an add-on suitable for any type of company that is interested in incorporating this innovation into its DNA and obtaining functions such as Demand Driven Material Replenishment.

CyberPlan DDMRP can be integrated with any ERP, even the most famous ones such as SAP, Oracle, Infor, Sage, Zucchetti.


Learn how to innovate your Supply Chain with the DDMRP solution

Today, manufacturing companies can equip themselves with a Demand Driven MRP tool that allows them to manage the incoming flow of materials in a modern and advanced way thanks to specific techniques, achieving important results in a short time. Contact us today to speak with one of our consultants and understand the benefits you can get.


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