Cybertec customers and references 

Cybertec customers are able to revolutionize their market responsiveness by aligning production with business objectives. Thanks to Cybertec’s commitment to ensuring the best solutions for manufacturing companies, the customer base is now very extensive with very important names and in different production sectors.

Cybertec customers and references in ETO (Engineer To Order) productions:


Production in the ETO sector is characterised by a high lead time and a high unit cost. CyberPlan gives the necessary visibility, allowing you to constantly monitor project milestones and to intervene well in advance in the presence of anomalies or unforeseen events, scheduling production in line with the requests of each order. Some references in the ETO sector:

  • Ansaldo Energia Spa: production of turbines and generators, has been using Cybertec solutions since 1991;
  • Zoppas Industries Group: manufacturer of electrical resistors and heating systems complete with electronic controls for domestic and industrial applications. He has been a customer since 1999;
  • General Electric Oil & Gas: read the interview with Lorenzo Romagnoli, materials management and logistics executive of General Electric Oil & Gas, released by Apics, about how the company has innovated and implemented its supply chain;
  • Cefla Spa: plans production with CyberPlan since 2000;Produces machinery in the healthcare and medical sector;
  • Vertiv (formerly Emerson Networking Power): A Cybertec customer since 1995, it offers innovative solutions, proven expertise and smart innovations in areas such as AC and DC power and renewable energy, precision air conditioning systems and much more. 

Cybertec customers and references in MTO (Make To Order) productions:


Make To Order production systems face difficulties in optimising on a finite horizon. CyberPlan allows you to easily schedule the load on each resource, minimizing costs related to the production process but constantly monitoring the level of service. The possibility of simulating alternative scenarios allows you to identify the best production plan that best meets the needs of the business. Some references in the MTO sector:

  • Pietro Fiorentini Spa: operates internationally designing, manufacturing and marketing components, systems and services for the measurement and regulation of natural gas. Used CyberPlan for more than 20 years;
  • Cimbali Group: is a world leader in the design and production of professional coffee machines, fresh milk-based drinks, soluble drinks and equipment dedicated to the cafeteria;
  • Lonati Spa: world leader in hosiery machines, with an annual production of over 8000 machines;
  • Silca Spa: specialized in the production of keys, key duplicating machines and semi-industrial and industrial machinery dedicated to the production of keys. Silca is part of the Key Systems Segment, a world market leader with 6 production sites, which is part of the dormakaba Group.
  • Triveneta Cavi: is one of the most important companies in the European market for the production of low and medium voltage cables for the industrial, domestic, energy distribution and renewable technologies sectors.

Cybertec customers and references in ATO (Assembly To Order) productions:


The Assembly To Order is characterized by a high mix on the assembly line and the risk of missing parts. CyberPlan allows you to balance the mix on the final assembly line, having all the materials and limiting inventories (in particular those with high consumption variability). Some references in the ATO sector:

  • Ferplast Spa: an international leader in the Pet Comfort sector. It produces over 2000 types of products and distributes in as many as 80 countries spread across five continents. Has been planning production with CyberPlan for 20 years;
  • Carraro Spa: a leading international group in highly efficient and environmentally friendly power transmission systems;
  • Faber Spa: part of the Swiss Franke group, Faber produces and markets kitchen hoods for domestic use. 
  • Glem Gas Spa: a leading manufacturer of cooking appliances in Modena
  • ABB: is a multinational  engineering company based in Zurich (Switzerland). Operating in over 100 countries, it employs 135,000 employees and operates mostly in energy and automation technologies. He has been planning production with CyberPlan for more than 10 years.

Cybertec customers and references in MTS (Make To Stock) productions:


In the MTS production scenario, different types of products are made on the basis of a constant and known demand, so it is necessary to define the optimal “production mix”. CyberPlan makes it possible to obtain effective demand forecasts and align production with these forecasts while keeping fixed capital at an optimal level. Some references in the MTS sector:

  • Vimar Spa:over 9,000 items in the catalogue and more than 183 million finished products per year, Vimar is today one of the main players in the electricity, security and communication sector;
  • Mila (Latte Montagna Alto Adige Soc.Agr.Coop.)is an Italian dairy company  based in Bolzano, specialising in the production of milk and milk products.
  • GVS SpaThe GVS Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of filters  and components for applications in the Medical, Laboratory, Automotive, Personal Protective Equipment, Home Appliances, and Commercial & Industrial filtration sectors.
  • Schneider Electric: multinational focused on the development of solutions and connected technologies to manage energy. 
  • Artsana Group: production of products in the Baby , Health Care areas.


Cybertec, the partner for a high-performance supply chain

 Cybertec presents itself as a solid entrepreneurial reality able to help every reality from small-medium companies to the main multinational companies, in every sector and for every type of production. Strong expertise, continuous training and customer focus allow us to create solutions that guarantee the highest possible performance.


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