Customer Interview: FAB chose CyberPlan for certain dates and standardized scheduling

Sector: Furniture

The FAB Group company based in Gallo in the municipality of Petriano, in the province of Pesaro Urbino, tells us about the project of innovation and evolution of the methods used to plan and schedule the production of furniture components, in particular kitchen tops and doors.

FAB continuous growth thanks to the continuous search for production efficiency

FAB was founded in 1974 as a manufacturer of components for living room furniture, basements and tabletops for the dining rooms then in vogue. Keeping true to its original philosophy of creating objects that accompany people throughout their lives, FAB has grown over the years embracing all aspects and needs of everyday life. The Marche-based company has always invested in the search for production efficiency, cost reduction and continuous improvement.

In this interview we go to discover the production reality of FAB and the staff tells us how the company managed to obtain certain delivery dates and standardized planning thanks to the CyberPlan production planning software implementation project.

These, and other results that we will discover in the video, were achieved thanks to the supply chain transformation project obtained both with Cybertec’s APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling software) and thanks to the advice of Valorando, a management services and problem solving company based in Padua. Valorando’s consultants took care of both the implementation part of the CyberPlan solution and the consulting part that precedes, supports and follows the technical installation of the APS tool.

You also improve the forecasting capabilities of production planning and scheduling


Learn how to improve the simulation and forecasting capabilities of your production planning process with CyberPlan APS software, also available in the cloud. With the software solution for Advanced Planning and Scheduling you can improve the capabilities of the planning department and the performance of the production department to achieve all company objectives.

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